STX Magnum 1800 Electric Meat Grinder

Last Updated on May 27, 2022 by Cynthia A. Rose

Due to technological advancements, everyone needs a classic meat grinder ideal for domestic use. With a meat grinder, making sausages and your own ground meat will be easy. You need a sustainable and reliable meat grinder. Therefore, before you start making your own ground meat or sausages at home, here is stx magnum 1800 grinder with impressive features.

Magnum 1800 grinder is the machine I can recommend for a good start. This meat grinder has a futuristic design that will make you experience fresh sausages and ground meat. What you only need is to fix all the machine’s accessories to their specific positions then start your grinding process.

Therefore, this article should help you understand what is good about this meat grinder and the factors considered before buying it. If you have never used an electric meat grinder, have a fresh start with Magnum 1800 grinder.

STX Magnum 1800 Electric Meat Grinder reviews

STX Magnum 1800 Electric Meat Grinder

Magnum 1800 grinder is one of the finest products from STX grinders that come with a cowl air cooling induction system that serves the function of cooling the unit from overheating.

This is an essential feature because it prolongs the grinder’s lifespan. Therefore due to this feature, Magnum 1800 grinder is among the best grinders in the market.

Furthermore, this meat grinder comes with a large meat tray that holds up to 3 pounds of meat. The large meat tray is essential when preparing sausages. Cast aluminium used to manufacture this meat grinder. This makes the machine durable.

More so, this meat grinder comes with an output peak power of 1800 watts locked motor wattage. This machine takes a minimum power of 800W and a maximum of 1200W when in use while when it is dormant, it uses 600 watts.

This makes this machine to handle meat at a very high speed.  You can wash Aluminium and stainless steel parts of this grinder using cold water and a mild detergent.

Furthermore, this electric meat grinder consists of a stainless steel body. This is a big machine with a grinding head of #12. This makes the machine to handle more massive meat cuts.

More so, the machine comes with many free accessories like 6 different sized grinding plates from hardened steel; this enables you to make finer ground meat.

Other accessories include; 3  stainless steel cutting blades, 3 sausage stuffing tubes a sausage stuffing plate, kubbe attachment, 2 meat claws and a patty maker. All these accessories meant to grind your fine meat, burger and sausage.

Besides, this grinder’s feeder tube is 2 diameters allowing significant meat cuts for grinding. Depending on the type of meat you are grinding, this meat grinder is capable of producing ground meat of 125 pounds to 225 pounds within an hour. Therefore, this machine can do a perfect job for you.

Features of STX magnum 1800

  • Wagon wheel plate

This meat grinder comes with a wagon wheel plate that is for stuffing larger grinds of sausage. This enables the machine to take more sausage for stuffing.

  • Cowl patented air cooling induction system

This serves the function of cooling the unit from overheating. This is a very important feature because it prolongs the grinder’s lifespan.

  • Grinding plates

Magnum 1800 grinder comes with 6 grinding plates made from hardened stainless steel. These plates are of different sizes to enable you to get even finer ground meat.

  • Large meat tray

More so, this machine has a wide meat tray that can hold up to 3 pounds of meat for grinding. This enables the device to grind even significant meat cuts. The meat tray is 7.25” wide, 9.75” long and 2.00” deep.

  • Kubbe attachments

This machine is also featured with kubbe/kibbe attachment to prepare kubbes.

  • Meat pusher

You don’t need to use your hands to push the meat into the auger because this machine comes with a pusher for you. Just place your palm on the pusher rather the whole hands to push your meat into the auger. However, this machine is capable of pulling the meat automatically into the auger.

  • Meat claws

These are other crucial accessories that Magnum 1800 grinder comes with. The claws are usually for cubing or stripping meat ready to be ground.

  • Slider press

This grinder comes with a slider press for preparing burgers at home.

STX Magnum 1800 Electric Meat Grinder

  • Highly durable
  • Powerful motor
  • Slider press for preparing burgers
  • Large meat tray
  • Big header for bigger cuts
  • Easy to use
  • Many accessories
  • Unsafe for dishwasher

Buyers guide on STX magnum 1800

Don’t you ever buy a meat grinder/any product blindly? Therefore, below are factors that you should consider before arriving at your buying decision.


Accessories are free materials that a grinder comes with from the market. Therefore, before buying a meat grinder, have a look at its accessories. Magnum 1800 grinder has many accessories like 6 grinding plates, 3 grinding blades, stuffing tubes and many others.

This is a machine that will provide you with a fresh and cool ground meat. I thought you should consider it. In short, choose a meat grinder with plenty of accessories.


This is another common factor that explains how long can a machine stay in service. We have some machines that many of their internal parts made of plastics. Such machines cannot stay in service for an extended period.

It would be best if you had a good meat grinder like STX magnum 1800. Many parts of this meat grinder are constructed using stainless steel and cast aluminium; hence durability is assured. Consider this grinder for fresh and cold ground meat and sausage.


The price should not hinder you from buying a quality meat grinder. It is good to have an expensive meat grinder for decades than to have cheap ones yearly. Magnum 1800 grinder is a super-classy and high-quality meat grinder.

This meat grinder is affordable, and the price is equal to its performance. However, many meat grinders are close to this machine, but Magnum 1800 grinder can do better for you.

Grinding speed

This factor is very critical. If you like grinding frequently, then Magnum 1800 grinder is the machine to consider. This meat grinder has the ability to grind from 125 to 225 pounds of meat within an hour.

The speed of the grinder depends on the type of the meat you are grinding. Therefore, if you have been looking for a grinder with high grinding speed, then your situation is sorted.  Buy Magnum 1800 grinder, and you will attest for yourself.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is the function of meat claws on an electric meat grinder?

A: These are other crucial accessories that high-class electric meat grinders come with. The claws are usually for cubing or stripping meat ready to be ground.

Q: What is the primary function of the air cooling system in meat grinders?

A: Air cooling system, as the name suggests, serves the function of cooling the unit from overheating. This is a very important feature because it prolongs the grinder’s lifespan.

Q: What is the meaning of dishwasher safe?

A: This is basically the ability of a meat grinder or its parts to be washed by water and soap on the dish.

Other grinders are not dishwasher safe like the Magnum 1800 grinder because many of its parts  made from cast aluminium and stainless steel. Washing this machine should be done using either hot water or mild detergent.


I hope that this article provides you with all information you need on Magnum 1800 grinder. This is a meat grinder that you should stop holding doubts. This machine if handled with great care, will not disappoint you. It has the ability to produce even finer ground meat and sausage.

Many parts of this machine are constructed from stainless steel while others from cast aluminium. This implies that the grinder is durable and reliable. More so, features that consist of aluminium and stainless steel should not be washed water. You can use hot water or mild detergent to clean these parts.

Now, I think you have a reason to buy this meat grinder. Features like air cooling system enhance longevity.