Privacy Policy

The privacy policy for Honest Grinders is mentioned here to let you know how and what information we collect and how we use them. It is to mention that we respect and ensure the privacy of our visitors and refrain from trading any confidential information that you provide us. 

Data We Collect: Why And How

Your Comments: 

All that you see on the website after publishing a comment is collected. For our website’s security, we detect spam from your IP address. For spam detection, we use a service called Gravatar service which sends out an anonymous thread to the IP address. We do the check before presenting the comment on our website. 

Please acknowledge that we don’t collect any information (email id, for instance) from the comment that is not visible on the website. 


Generally, visitors are not allowed to post or publish any content on our website. If we do so in some special cases, please avoid inserting your location into any of the content you post. This would threaten your privacy. 


Honest Grinders get additional information about you only if you fill up our contact data form, or email us. However, we store these data till we solve your query. We don’t use them afterward or trade with these data. 

Browser Log: 

Logfile data like your IP address, browser, ISP, duration spent on the website, pages searched, etc. are collected by Honest Grinders. 


We have a few affiliates like Amazon and ClickBank. They use some very basic information and insert advertisements on our website. 


Our affiliates and advertisers use cookies on our website for advertising activities. These cookies also detect issues in the browser and its security. Besides, geo-targeting is turned on with these cookies. 

The activities of the cookies can be slightly monitored by you. But it may limit your access to certain areas in the website. Note that all the cookies die after a certain time. While some cookies die in a few weeks, some may need a year to get discarded. 

Google Analytics: 

To know and monitor our performance, we analyze your activities using Google analytics. It shows statistics to analyze the improvement that has occurred so far. We analyze your browsing pattern, PC setup, system, IP address, etc. We do this only for our enhancement and we don’t store them. 

However, you may opt-out of the service by Google Analytics from here and also see the system in which the software works. 

Data Storing Duration: 

What we store about you for a lifetime is the metadata of your comment and username. This helps us communicate with you easily further. No other data is stored for a long time. 

Note that you can edit as well as delete the information you have provided us. Even the owners of the site may alter the information too. 

Who Gets The Data? 

Please note that your confidential data is safe with Honest Grinders. We never sell or provide your personal information to any external source or third party.

Your Right On The Data: 

Whenever you enter our website or email us, you can ask for the information that we have obtained. Besides, if you like to discard the data, you may send us a request to do so. 

Contact Honest Grinders:

If you have more to know about the privacy policy or the website, you may email us. 

Protecting Your Data: 

For storing financial records, we use several software. We mostly use PayPal and other popular applications for keeping the financial data. We don’t store it by ourselves.