Terms and Conditions

To Start With:

The terms and conditions imposed for this website usage are mentioned in detail in this section. You can find the details on honestgrinders.com.

The terms and conditions regulate and monitor your activities on this website. Therefore, anyone using this website has to agree with the conditions and rules and use them accordingly. Anyone disagreeing with the mentioned conditions should refrain from using this website. 

Why Honest Grinders? 

On the website Honest Grinders, the founders, affiliates, as well as visitors, share their experiences and pieces about grinding. As grinding is both a fun task and a useful activity, we encourage both professionals and enthusiasts to join us and share their stories. 

Note that we are not professionals. We intend to present our opinions and enthrall the visitors. However, if we use any professional’s comment or advice, we always mention that. 

Please note that you should not ignore an expert’s advice or suggestion if it opposes what has been scribed on this website. As we are not experts, any of our content is not an alternative to any technical professional, practitioner, instructor, or qualified person. You must prefer to listen to a professional rather than follow the content on our website. Please don’t miss out on visiting a professional in case of any serious situation because of our content. 

We won’t take any liability for any of your decisions taken by consuming our content. You will be responsible for all your actions. 

As you use the website, you are agreeing not to hold Honest Grinders accountable for your actions or failure of taking an action because of any of our content.  

Copyright Policy: 

Accept for the content you own, the copyright of all the other content in the website is owned by Honest Grinders and its licensors. You only have permission to browse and see the content we have. 


You have a few limitations while using the website. These are mentioned below:

  • Copying our content and using them on other platforms;
  • Selling, commercializing, or licensing our content;
  • Exposing our content to other platforms openly;
  • Doing an act that may harm the website;
  • Doing an act that may disturb or limit any user’s access to our website;
  • Misusing the website or infringing the terms and conditions or affecting any business, person, or the website;
  • Extracting or mining data from the website;
  • Abusing the website for promotion or marketing;

You should strictly avoid doing the acts mentioned above. 

Liability Conditions: 

The employees, owners, or stockholders of Honest Grinders are not liable for any issues that may occur as a consequence of your activity on the website. You should not hold us accountable for such incidents unless mentioned in the contract. 

Compensation Policy: 

You are, therefore, agreeing with the policy that Honest Grinders will not be paying any compensation for your infringement of the policy or wrongful activity on our website. 

Alteration Of The Terms: 

If there is any condition or rule that is currently inapplicable according to the present law, it has to be changed without changing any other laws. 

Please note that the website owner or regulator may recheck and alter the terms and conditions as per necessity. Therefore, you should check the terms and conditions from time to time to stay updated while using the website. 

Contract Alteration: 

The owner of Honest Grinders has the right to transfer or hand over the website’s ownership, or subcontract with any party without any declaration. However, you are not allowed to do so under our terms and conditions. 

Agreement Summary: 

All the aforementioned terms and conditions are applicable for the visitors and users of this website. The page of ‘terms and conditions’ is also an agreement between you and Honest Grinders regarding your activity on the website. All the previous conditions are discarded or considered invalid. 

Law And Judicial Matter: 

In case of any dispute, disturbance, or infringement, you have to connect with the federal courts or jurisdiction of the area as these terms and conditions are monitored under the law of the United States Of America. 

Using External Content: 

In case we use any content from external websites or sources, we do that legally following the Fair Use Doctrine. We never claim the credit of such content and clearly mention that the content has been used according to the guidelines of the Fair Use Doctrine. 

Also, note that you may not enter every section of Honest Grinders’ website. In fact, at any time, we may limit your access to some areas of the website. 

Your Content: 

Any content like video, audio, text, visuals, etc. published on the website of Honest Grinders by you are tagged as ‘Your Content’. Remember that as you publish the content from our website, we get the irreversible license to reform, reuse, and distribute the content on other platforms if Honest Grinders feel it necessary. 

The content you provide us should be original and created by you. It is not allowed to use someone or any entity’s content as yours. Note that Honest Grinders may discard your content at any time if needed without any declaration. 

Warranty Policy: 

We don’t intend to promote any business or company via our website. We don’t provide any warranty or take responsibility for any service or product mentioned on the website. 

Revenue From Affiliates: 

In case you purchase an item via our website links, we receive a share of the revenue from the affiliated sites. However, you should recognize that you are not charged any extra money for this purpose.