How Much Is An Old Meat Grinder Worth

Last Updated on March 8, 2021 by Cynthia A. Rose

Machines in the modern era have made it passing through everyday lives way more manageable than before. But with the increasing demand for electric devices, the prices are also going through the roof.

My little cousin loves to consume fast food, especially burgers, on an almost regular basis. But cramming down street foods every other day may not be the most remarkable child-raising all parents’ dream. My aunt is no exception to that.

So, she asked me to buy a meat grinder to fulfill that purpose. When I searched through the internet searching for such a device, I was surprised to see the high price of fresh, new meatgrinders.

To end that worry, here are some insights into old meat grinders and how much is an old meat grinder worth:

What is a meat grinder?

If you have come this far of the internet, then you must already be aware of what this tool is, or you are a buyer for a new meat grinder. Whatever the issue is, let me explain to you a bit more to make things further easier.

A meat grinder is a device that people use to grind meats, as the name says. You can mince both raw and cooked meat in it at absolute pressure. Although it is called a meat grinder, you can also finely chop fresh vegetables and other food ingredients in it as per your wish.

The best part of having a meat grinder at home (be it a new one, or an old one) is that you can grind and mix up any type of meat anyhow you want rather than buying the expensive ground meats and going to butchers every now and then.

Parts of a meat grinder

Be it the old manual meat grinder or the new electric meat grinder, and the parts are almost the same. Although they vary in size and capacity, assembling meat grinders becomes a lot less hassle if you have simple inner pieces of knowledge about the parts.

The meat grinder has a funnel or a tray on top of it where the meat you intend to mince will go. Below the funnel lies a horizontal conveyer called the head of the meat grinder. It is a standard part of both the old and new meat grinders.

The head has the highest seven pars in it. Inside the head lies an auger. The auger is fitted with a washer to support it inside the head. In front of the auger, a screw is put in to support the blade on top of the auger.

The blade may vary in size and shape, but it has to shape enough to mince even the frozen meats. On top of the blade slides the grinder plate through which the meats will be coming off. The grinder plate has to be fixed with the head by a collar.

There has to be a minimum of 1/8-inch difference between the head and the plate to support meat mincing. It is better if all these parts are made of aluminum. The plate and blades are made mainly of stainless steel to prevent rust.

The parts have to be robust enough to support fine grinding. Strong built grinder parts are also imperative to unclog and clean them frequently.

Worth of an old meat grinder

I am sure you are already dying to know how much is an old meat grinder worth by now. An old meat grinder literally means the manual ones. Since they are hand-operated, automatically the prices are way less than the electric ones.

An old meat grinder price generally starts from $12 to $15. The number is meager compared to the $50-$60 price worthy new meat grinders. If you are looking for antique or vintage ones, then the price may go a bit higher. But that is still way lower than the new ones in the market.

Why old meat grinders?

Many may think an antique meat grinder is not worthy enough to buy. But that statement is not at all true. If you are thinking of getting a fully functional meat grinder at a budget-friendly cost, old meat grinders may be just the right device for you.

Not everyone wants to use meat grinders on a commercial basis. People often settle with mincing smaller chunks of meats instead of loads. Does that mean they have to pay an extra penny to purchase a lavish meat grinder that may not be entirely necessary for their purpose? Definitely not.

Here is a peek into the difference between an old meat grinder and a new meat grinder to secure that thought even more:

Difference between the old and the new meat grinder

Although there is a lot of contrast between these two, the main one is the functioning process. The old or the manual meat grinders have functioned with hand whereas the new, or electric ones work with electricity.

  • The manual meat grinders come with a handle that fits behind the body. After putting the meat on the funnel, you have to rotate it continuously with your hand to grind the meat. On the other hand, the electric meat grinders come with a meat pusher, which you have to push on the meat while on the tray after plugging in the grinder.
  • An old meat grinder is way smaller than the new ones. So, you can carry it around anywhere in the house. It serves the purpose of grinding meat, both indoor and outdoor. The small size of the grinder acts in favor of both cleaning and installing it.
  • When the grinder may need some repairing in rare cases, it will also make the process easier. Since the old meat grinders do not consume electricity while functioning, it will not pull out a big chunk from your purse, unlike the new ones. It is safe to say, an old meat grinder assists in saving money in every way possible.
  • Although this point is applicable for all the meat grinders, it is specifically fit for the old ones. Going to a butcher for grinding meat every time may cost you a lot. Having a meat grinder, especially an old one in the house, may save a bunch in this regard as well.
  • Adding a cherry on top helps with some hand exercising at its best, which you will not get with electric grinders. That way, you are already burning (well, at least in some quantity) the calorie you will consume with the ground meat on the machine.

Final note:

If you are a commercial chef thinking of grinding meats in loads, old meat grinders may not be the thing for you. But if you are a homely person (just like my aunt) who wants to enjoy every essence-from cutting the budget to eating healthy, you can go with an old grinder.

Meat grinders are an essential tool to furnish the kitchen counter. But people often forget to research about them and their information before getting one. An unknown brand with its cheap plastic products gets the upper hand.

This article aimed to clarify such hazy information about how much is an old meat grinder worth and some more. Hopefully, it will be an easy buy for the readers in the future.