How to grind meat without a grinder – Step by step Guide and Easy

Last Updated on February 2, 2021 by Cynthia A. Rose

If you are wondering on how to grind meat without a grinder, no more worries now. Sometimes you may not have access to a meat grinder or blenders or bored with the regular expense of buying the stored meat, which might be relatively expensive.

Therefore, we are going to discuss ways on how you can grind meat quickly without the presence of a grinder. However, it would be best if you had some little equipment to achieve this. Before discussing the grinding process, let us begin by understanding why grinding meat without a grinder is necessary.

Importance of grinding meat without a grinder

1. Very healthier

Generally, grinding your meat is always the best way of controlling the amount of fat to use. Sometimes, your grinder may break down anytime, which may force you to get ready-made ground meat from the supermarket. You may not know how much fat contained in it, unlike when you prepare yours.

2. Better taste and texture

Whether you like it or not, using your hands in grinding meat produces an excellent taste and flavor compared with those from the grinder. Therefore, it is good to obtain meat without using a blender, which is the easiest method. However, expect seeing a massive difference in the flavor and texture when you complete.

The ground meat obtained in this way without a grinder usually has a better flavor and texture than the one that you get from the supermarket.

3. Ground meat is attractive

When you compare the meat from the supermarket with the one that you grind without using a grinder, you can agree that the ready-made meat tends to have a lifeless and dull appearance. The ground meat usually provides one with fresh flavor that you may find in any other ground meat.

How to grind meat using different methods other than a grinder

In this meat grinder reviews, we are going to discuss into details on how you can quickly grind your meat using different methods such as food processor, sharp knife, or visiting a nearby butcher. However, you may find the process being hectic, but you should give it a try since practice makes perfect.

(a) Grinding meat using a sharp knife

To achieve this method, grab the meat that you would wish to grind and place it on the cutting board. Get your sharpened knife and start cutting the meat placed at an angle of 450. Chop only around 75% of your meat while ensuring that the slices are about ¼ inches apart.

Next, you can flip the meat over and over as you cut it at the same depth and angle but making them using the opposite direction for this second time. Now you can turn over your meat again but ensuring that your slices come from a perspective of 900 this time. Avoid cutting on your meat.

Using the other side of the meat, make those slices an angle of 900 again. Remember to keep in mind that these new cutting to face in different directions.

At this point, expect to have many chunks on the cutting board. Lastly, chop the pieces quickly using some part of the blade that is near to the handle. Keep on cutting your meat until you obtain the texture that you prefer.

(b) Using a food processor

To begin with, at this method, start by putting the small pieces of the meat into the chopping board. Take the sharp knife and start slicing your meat. Ensure that you have cut the meat into small chunks as you can.

Once you have cut them into such small pieces, you can now spread out your tinfoil at the countertop as you put some cubes of the meat on their top. Remember to cover the chunks of your meat by scrunching up the foil. Next, place the packet of foil into the freezer and allow it to stay there for about half an hour.

Immediately after half an hour, remove the packet of the foil from your freezer and quickly place the pieces of your meat into the food processor. Switch on your food processor and allow it to run until you get the required texture from your ground meat.

Avoid putting all the meat at once into the food processor since it may slow down the rate at which it is slicing the chunks of your flesh.

(c) Visiting your local butcher

Sometimes, if you do not have any skills of cooking, you may find it hard to hold even a knife when chopping your meat since most of the people hates handling raw meat. Therefore, when such arises, you can freely visit your nearby local butcher for further assistance.

You can hold one on one chat so that they can give you any help that you want. At times they provide useful information as far as meat grinding is concerned. Besides, these butchers are sometimes experts, and therefore they will always provide you with excellent output for your desired texture and flavor.

Essential tips when grinding without a grinder

  • Always work in a clean environment. Ensure that your chopping board, knife, and bowl are clean for holing your meat.
  • Remain alert, especially when handling very sharp objects.
  • It is useful to the season while you are grinding, especially when you are aware of what you will cook with your meat.
  • Before cutting your meat, freeze it for about 15 minutes so that you can make cutting to be easy.
  • Make sure you disinfect everything which you are using throughout the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can blender grind meat?

A: It is possible. You can blend your meat after cooking them. It is simple to grind, especially when raw, but when cooked, the meat can be cut into small pieces using the blades of the powerful blender.

Q: What is the best ground meat?

A: The best ground meat is ground chuck. It is the most suitable since it contains more fat content. They feature about 15-20% of fat in the ground chuck.

Q: Can magic bullet grind meat?

A: Magic bullet features two types of blades. A flat blade useful in whipping cream as well as grinding hard meals while a cross blade used in chopping, blending, and grating foods.

Wrapping Up

You can agree that a home-cooked meal is always the best method. We hope that you have mastered the skills on how to grind meat without a grinder, you need to have confidence in you as well as trusting and believing your hands. Prepare your own processed meat so that you get your taste that your desire.