Four Common Meat Grinder Problems – DIY Solutions Explained!!

Last Updated on December 11, 2022 by Cynthia A. Rose

I can bet everyone who uses meat grinders has faced some sort of meat grinder problems.

Yes, we have to face problems for numerous reasons.

People use meat grinders to add some distinctive flavors to the meat. Also, getting processed meat from butchers shops is a type of invitation to germs and diseases at home. So, it is better to prepare the meats at home to retain the taste.

But, if you suddenly face a problem with the device, what to do then?

Well, in this post, we shall discuss the most common meat grinder problems in line with knowing the immediate DIY solutions.

Let us start exploring the issues and their troubleshooting.

Common Meat Grinder Problems

Meat Grinder Problems

The mainstream meat grinder users apply the device to chop meats, fruits, vegetables, and even frozen meat. It takes almost zero-level knowledge to operate the kitchen appliance.

But do you know to troubleshoot the devices?   

You can face usual problems like switching the device on, malfunction of the grinder head, or blunt teeth.

In this post, you will breakdown down the problems with solutions. You need no professional or technical knowledge to deal with the issues. And it takes less time as well.

Switching the grinder On

Switching the grinder on

It is a highly prevalent issue among ordinary meat grinder users who prefer the electric variety. Those electric meat grinders often arrive with rechargeable batteries. At the same time, they need a proper power supply to operate.

So, there might be a couple of potential issues.

–         The battery might be displaced

–         Or, the batteries are not up to the mark

–         And, the power source might be unable to provide ample voltage

What can you do?

Wondering about dealing with the matters? No worries!

The solution is simple. First of all, you have to check the battery if it is in the right position. Open up the battery and set it again. It will work – if there are no other issues.

Or, you can check the voltage of the meat grinder. Usually, the households run with 220V. And most of the meat grinders comply with this voltage unless it belongs to commercial grade.

After following the two methods above, if the machine does not work, follow this one. Replace the battery. And it is expected that the grinder will start working.

Grinder head malfunction 

Grinder head malfunction 

At times, the grinder head may malfunction. And there are no substantial reasons behind this.

You can find the head is behaving abnormally. It will create trouble in placing the meats into the tube.

So, you can follow a few simple steps.

–         Disassemble the meat grinder

–         Remove the head from the position, carefully

–         Now, reassemble the head, make sure it is tight

–         Assemble the meat grinder

I Hope, your problem will be solved.

Meat grinder teeth losing sharpness?  

Meat grinder teeth losing sharpness

Well, reducing the sharpness of meat grinder teeth is another common issue that you may face. It happens as the teeth chop meats, bones, vegetables, and other elements. In fact, they are the key player in a meat grinder.

So, you need to care for your meat grinder. There are several reasons why grinding teeth lose sharpness. The most prominent ones include

–         Excessive use

–         Rusting

–         Less use

What’s the solution?

Don’t worry. Losing the sharpness is natural. You have to sharpen the cutting blade. Sharpening the blade takes less time. But you need the following elements

–         Gloves

–         Sandpaper

–         Sharpening stone

The Process …

You can use sandpaper or the sharpening stone to complete the process.

At first, wear gloves. Then disassemble the blade from the machine. Check the sharpness of the blade. Now, take the sandpaper. Hold the blade at a 45-degree angle. Now push the blade against the sandpaper.

Keep pushing for at least 30 seconds. Now, recheck the sharpness. Take a paper and check how the blade cuts it. If you are not satisfied, push the blade for around one minute more. This time, you might be satisfied with the sharpness.

Alternatively, you can use the sharpening stone as well.

Place the stone on a table or any other stable surface. Now, move the blade on a forward and backward motion on the stone. Test the sharpness. If necessary, continue the sharpening for around one additional minute. You are done.

Now, assemble the blade at the meat grinder.

Meat clogging prevention

Meat clogging prevention 

Another usual problem is meat clogging. It may happen suddenly, and you will have less time to respond.

Meat clogging occurs mainly for the accretion of fat. Sinew also may cause clogging. However, not all meat grinders are prone to clogging.

If you face any such issues, you need to clean up the meat grinder. For a complete cleaning, you can follow the methods below.

–         Disassembling the meat grinder

–         Keep all the parts- including plates and blades- in separate places

–         Wash them properly

–         Follow the routine every time you use the device

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Few Bonus Tips 

Meat grinding experts recommend following specific measures to extend the life of the device. Many of us are unaware that the device needs proper maintenance. So, right after the ground meat, we put it back in the storage.

But this is unwise. Make sure you clean each of the parts properly once you have used it.

The experts also recommend sharpening the blades once a month. According to their recommendations, you should never try raw meat to process. Better, you freeze the meat for at least half an hour before the processing.

They also underscore the careful assembly of the meat grinders. If you cannot set the grinder rightly, it may not work correctly. So, you need to focus on this particular issue.

Last words 

Hopefully, you are now aware of the typical meat grinder problems. Solving the problems is not a big deal now. At the same time, the maintenance will improve the performance of your meat grinder.

However, please remember that the solutions are for common problems. But if you experience something not mentioned here, you need to contact your seller or a professional. It is not recommended to follow the DIY methods.

Happy meat grinding!!