What is a Kubbe Attachment on a Meat Grinder: Know about the Feature

Last Updated on April 4, 2021 by Cynthia A. Rose

You will notice some unique attachments of a meat grinder to process special dishes, including the high protein menu. However, you may now think, what is a kubbe attachment on a meat grinder, and what is its purpose?

I have also seen the kubbe attachments while buying my meat grinder but never used it because I haven’t tried to make the particular dish at home. Therefore, I went to my neighbor, who’s a chef, and saw the complete usage of those tools; he also taught me the recipes.

Anyway, if you’re excited to learn about a new dish and its functions on a meat grinder, read the whole article without wasting time.

What Is Kubbe & Where Is this Food’s Origin?

Many of you may find the word unknown and like to know the kubbe meaning; it’s a delicious dish of Middle-East. The word kubbe (also known as kibbeh) has come from the Turkish dictionary; it refers to a cuisine containing ground meat & powdered grains.

It’s a national recipe in Lebanon and Syria; it has been famous in some American areas besides the Middle-East. The dish gained popularity during the 19th & 20th centuries; therefore, the manufacturers thought to keep an attachment for the dish on a meat grinder.

What Is a Kubbe Attachment on a Meat Grinder & How to Use It?

The Kubbe attachment is given with the meat grinder to use while preparing the dish; you can count it as an extra feature. The tool mixes ground meat with wheat to make delicate doughs; another part is the tubes that make oval shapes to hold other ingredients inside.

Anyway, let’s find out the parts, for instance, kibbeh attachment for KitchenAid, and how to use it; follow the steps below:

  1. First of all, grind your lean meat well with your meat grinder, and take some wheat powder in the same bowl; please mix them well with the stand mixer, and prepare the dough.
  2. After preparing it, you have to remove the grinder’s plate and blades; therefore, you can attach both parts of the kibbeh tool.
  3. Next, you must connect the tubes to the round flange and attach it to the grinder’s top; the ring-shaped part holds the extruder tubes.
  4. Later, you should fill the tube’s hopper with the mixed dough and start the motor; therefore, the evenly oval-shaped rolls will begin to come out.
  5. Lastly, you have to cut the big roll into 1.5-4 inches and fill them with the necessary spices and fillings. Therefore, you can seal them to bake or fry and enjoy the delicious dish at home; so, you may not have any confusion about the kubbe recipe.

How to Clean the Meat Grinder’s Attachments, Especially the Kubbe Maker?

Follow these steps to properly to clean the meat grinder’s kubbe or other attachments; let’s see them:

  • Soak the oil and fat with dry things and bread; this will reduce your efforts to clean the greasy items, and they will be ready for the further cleaning process.
  • Please separate the non-motorized and motor parts because the cleaning methods are different; you can clean the non-electrolyzed with soap water.
  • After detaching the parts, especially the blades, you can soak them in clean and slightly warm water with detergent; you should wipe them immediately.
  • The motored ones should be cleaned with a soft damp cloth because connecting them to a liquid may get you an electric shock; you can then air dry the parts.
  • You can then rearrange the separated parts and add the primary meat grinder’s or stand mixer’s attachments to the meat grinder and store them correctly; moreover, put the kubbe machine in the respective place.

Cleaning the parts is essential because cleanliness and proper storage can ensure the machine’s durability; therefore, you must follow the instructions provided by your manufacturer.

What is the Best Meat Grinder for Home Use: Check the List

When you are not a professional and want to use a meat grinder at home for personal purposes, you don’t have to buy a sophisticated one; let’s see the best grinders for applying at home, according to the 2020 list:

  • LEM Products 17811 Big Bite-22 Electric Meat Grinder (1HP, made of stainless steel).
  • Powerful ALTRA Electric Meat Grinder, Multifunctional Meat Mincer.
  • STX Megaforce 3000 Series Air Cooled Electric Meat Grinder (Heavy-Duty).
  • HomeEasy Stainless Steel Food Chopper & Meat Grinder.
  • HomeGeek Meat Grinder & Food Chopper Processor (5-cups).

Let’s have a look at the meat grinder parts’ contribution to prepare the flesh for various dishes; each of them plays a vital role:

  • The different sized discs and blades are mostly used to mince the lean meat, but you can also use them to get your vegetables, fruits, poultries, and fishes chopped. The kubbe attachment’s holes are usually in 3,5, or 8-mm diameter, making the features wider.
  • The sausage attachments evenly prepare the meat to cook the sausages; they are also available in different sizes. Moreover, you can control the texture through the attachment; the size range is usually (1-3) in the KitchenAid meat grinder.
  • Lastly, the shredding attachment is like a drum that cuts the tube meat in different rectangular shapes; they don’t grind meats or food items, they only chop the pieces, but it depends on the blade’s size.

Frequently Asked Questions about Kubbe Attachment on Meat Grinder

Question: Is It Safe to Eat Raw Kibbeh?

Answer: It’s not safe to consume raw meat, including kibbeh; many outbreaks occurred due to having the flesh raw, and it’s not healthy.

Question: Is Fried Kibbeh Healthy to Eat?

Answer: The fried version is better to consume than a raw one; moreover, you can bake them because fried kibbeh can be slightly harmful to diabetic & hypertension patients.


If you have read the article, you won’t have any queries about what is a kubbe attachment on a meat grinder; you can also follow the regional recipes and try them at home. However, you should be careful while buying a meat grinder and target a multifunctioning one to use for various purposes.

Therefore, you should follow the instructions, besides the health rules; both are essential for you, and never forget about the tool’s maintenance.