Can Nutribullet Grind Coffee? (What You Should Know)

Last Updated on May 30, 2022 by Cynthia A. Rose

When making coffee, it is essential to invest in a machine that does the work perfectly. There are so many options out in the market. When looking for a coffee grinder consider the quality, speed, and cost among others.

Can Nutribullet Grind Coffee? The answer is Yes. The Nutribullet machine offers you fine coffee depending on your preference. Nutribullet grinders contain two blades which will be interchanged as per your needs.

In this article, we shall cover all there is to know about the Nutribullet grinder.

How to grind coffee in the Nutribullet?

The procedure is very simple. Do the following;

  • With the coarse coffee in the grinder, re-install the pitcher.
  • Ensure that the Nutribullet operates for 10-15 seconds maximum.
  • Disconnect the pitcher and jiggle it a bit.
  • The lid should be completely closed as you grind the coffee.

What sets the Nutribullet apart from other blenders?

The taste of coffee is determined by the quality of the coffee bean. To achieve this quality taste, you need an efficient coffee grinder. The following are the reasons why the Nutribullet coffee grinder stands out from the rest.

  • Capacity

The Nutribullet coffee grinder is able to handle any capacity for the number of people taking coffee. For a small crowd or personal use, consider a smaller capacity.

  • Ease of cleaning and using

When compared to other blenders, the Nutribullet coffee grinder is easy to maintain. You will also need little time to understand how it operates since it comes with a readable manual.

  • Heat

Nutribullet is well able to control the heat you need without any hassles when grinding your coffee.

Can you grind coffee beans in a Nutribullet?

With its diversity of use, Nutribullet grinds coffee beans perfectly well. To traverse through all types of coffee beans, it uses its milling blade- regardless of whether it is dark, light, or medium roasted. With this operation in place, Nutribullet saves you a lot of time and money.

The types of the coffee grind

There are several types of grinds in the market, they include:

  • Coarse grind-the coffee here is soaked in boiling water giving it a chunky look. It has less extraction leaving the flavor less intense. At times the coffee is too sour. Increase the brewing time and minimize the water temperature.
  • Medium grind– it offers you flexibility based on the kind of coffee you want. It is the medium between the sizes required for espresso and drip coffee. Most coffee outlets prefer regular cups of drip coffee when serving their customers.
  • Fine grind-it is the choice for great expresso and home of baristas. It uses pressure to impact water via compact coffee grounds. It is predominantly used in Moka pot, espresso, and Aeropress coffee.
  • Extra-fine grind-it is known for making Turkish coffee to achieve a consistent and fine taste. It is close to powder and flour in texture.

Which Nutribullet Models are the best coffee grinders?

The Nutribullet made its way into the market in 2012 as a simple single-serve blender. Over the years it has evolved and can be used for protein energy balls, drinks, dips, and soups. When compared to standard blenders, these models are more versatile, compact, and lighter.

The following are some models you can look at when purchasing Nutribullet coffee grinders;

1. Nutribullet original

It is a classic product for an average user. The original Nutribullet grinds coffee beans perfectly leaving your taste buds yearning for more. It is suitable for people who love hassle-free, good, and affordable solutions. It contains one milling and extractor blade each, two re-sealable lids, and one flip-top to-go lid that blends with an oversize mug.

2. Nutribullet Pro

It is an upgraded version of the original. It handles up to 8 more oz when it comes to capacity-wise. The pro version is pricey when compared to the original one and comes in different colors. Its power capability is 900 watts making it easy to use.

The refined nutrient extraction blade and optimized 900-watt motor blend the toughest coffee beans. It is mostly used for commercial use by outlets and restaurants.

3. Nutribullet Rx N17-1001

You can comfortably grind coffee with this model because of its 1-liter max capacity, 1700-watt motor, and SMART hands-free tech. It is the best product when it comes to grinding coffee beans. Once you purchase this blender ensure that you regularly check the blades as they can easily get damaged.

4. Nutribullet ZNBF30500Z Blender Combo

It is an interesting model with a weaker motor and better capacity when compared to Rx N17-1001. It is also the most versatile version on this list with various speeds helping you in getting the different kinds of coffee grinds. When compared to other versions, it is expensive.

Which Nutribullet Cup should you use?

Note that Nutribullet cups are different. The Nutribullet RX is the only product that does not harbor cups from all the other versions. The best cup to use is the Nutribullet 32 oz which can accommodate a high capacity of coffee.

How to clean a Nutribullet?

Despite Nutribullet being easy to maintain and clean, there are certain procedures that you should observe. To wash the blades and cups you are required to;

  • Unfasten the blade from the cup; first, unplug the power base and set the Nutribullet components on a counter. Ensure that before cleaning the blade unhook it from the base.
  • Wash the cup using your hands; it is the best way to wash the cup of your Nutribullet. Reach the exterior and interior of the mixing cup by thoroughly washing it with dish soap and a sponge. On top of the rack of your dishwasher, put the cup for a normal wash cycle.
  • Clean the blade portion with water and soap; to effectively clean the blades, use two drops of the soap dish and a sponge. To protect yourself from any cuts, keep off your fingers and hands. The blade should not be in the dishwasher. Extreme temperatures will melt the plastics and wrap hence spoiling your Nutribullet. Some people have improvised cleaning with a toothbrush to reach the bottom of the blade.
  • Dry the blades and cups; wipe the inside and outside of the blade and cup components using a dry rag. Once the components of your Nutribullet are dry, you will reuse them. Certify that the blades and cups are cleaned every time you use this machine.
  • Rinse out and empty the cup; pour the water and soap from the machine’s cup right into the sink. Ensure you rinse everything out of the cup until the soap stops forming suds.
    It is important to regularly clean the Nutribullet to prevent it from spoiling. Lack of cleaning means that you will keep repairing it and buying a new one every single time.


The Nutribullet coffee grinder is a worthwhile investment for both home and commercial purposes. The good news is that its pros overdoes the cons. If you are buying it for commercial use, you can rest assured that it will produce the best coffee for your customers. It will increase the sales for your outlet and within no time you can open up other coffee shop branches.

All that the Nutribullet coffee grinder needs are total care. You can walk through different members of your family on how it operates to avoid damage. After all coffee taking should be a fun-filled and enjoyable activity for your family and friends.