How to Clean Krups Coffee Grinder in 5 Step: Ultimate Guide

Last Updated on May 24, 2022 by Cynthia A. Rose

Great coffee is important for all coffee lovers. It is crucial that you clean your krups coffee grinder regularly to continue enjoying your cup of coffee. The question on how to clean krups coffee grinder is the answer is a step-by-step procedure of how to do so. The first thing is to unplug it from electricity as you begin to clean. Our article will highlight the best procedure to follow when cleaning your grinder.

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Guide To Follow When Cleaning The Coffee Grinder

Step 1

Detach all the removable elements of the coffee grinder and clean them. Mix warm water and few drops of dish liquid to clean the coffee pot and the outside of the grinder. After cleaning them, use a dishcloth to dry them.

Make sure that all these parts are placed separately so that they can dry up faster. Put them back together in an orderly way.

Step 2

Next, focus on the inside of the grinder. Pour two cups of both distilled white vinegar and water into the grinder’s water reservoir then set it to brew. Once the grinding cycle is complete, scrap the water mixture and vinegar.

Step 3

Put four cups of water into the water reservoir and set the device to start brewing. Get rid of the water once you are done with this cycle.

Step 4

Ensure that the water reservoir is left open after grinding the coffee. It enables the coffee device to dry up quickly and completely.

Step 5

In some cases, there are some traces of limescale and calcium deposits in the water reservoir that does not disappear even after scrubbing thoroughly, then try using a cleaning and descaling product that has been specially designed to get rid of limescale and calcium.

Also, get rid of dust, debris, oils, and dirt that may have built up from time to time. This is simply how to clean krups coffee grinder. Ensure that you take good care of yourself as you clean the coffee grinder to prevent yourself from any injuries.

Things Used When Cleaning The Krups Coffee Grinder

After unplugging your device, ensure to dry your coffee grinder, plug, and the power cord. When cleaning the device, avoid using scouring pads and detergents. Use the following when cleaning;

Use a small-size paintbrush

Whisk out the ground coffee first by using a small-size paintbrush. Ensure that you reach every corner of the coffee grinder when brushing. Avoid water or any other type of solution while whisking it.

Use a damp paper towel

In some instances, powder depositions can be left in the coffee grinder even after cleaning the ground coffee. You can get rid of it by using a damp paper towel. You can also take care of the coffee beans and oils using a towel as well.

Apply dry rice when getting rid of the oil deposition

After cleaning with the damp paper towel, apply some dry rice to the coffee grinder. The dry rice is able to soak up oil hence get rid of oil depositions. Do the following;

  • Deposit a small amount of dry rice (about 30 grams)
  • Crush it for 30-45 seconds
  • Trash the powder in a waste bin

Apply cotton buds, wooden toothpicks, and flat metal utensils

The above tools will assist in reaching the stubborn places inside the coffee grinder. You only use these tools when you cannot get to the difficult places of the device.

Utilize grinder cleaning pallets and tablets

There are expert grinder cleaning pallets and tablets out there. These cleaners are only applicable when doing a deep cleaning.

Employ the user manual

In most cases, people ignore the user guide that comes with a device. The user guides explain the best practices in maintaining the device and claim warranty. If you misplace or lose the manual, visit their website for the same.

Wash again using a clean damp towel and paintbrush

Use a clean damp towel and paintbrush to wash the krups coffee grinder again.  Ensure that there is no residual rice powder left inside the machine since it will change the taste of coffee. Once you finish all these procedures, you can comfortably grind anything you want again.

Why it is crucial to clean the krups coffee grinder

The reasons why you need to clean your coffee grinder are;

  • When it is not crushing the coffee beans as fast as it should
  • When not performed well as perceived
  • When your coffee is inappropriately grounded

Ensure that you clean your machine weekly, say 2-3 times as recommended.

Daily Maintenance for Coffee Grinders

Get rid of the natural oils daily after grinding the coffee beans makes the weekly maintenance easy. Ensure to clean the pot daily after use to cut down on the calcium and oils that are caused by hard water which is a common problem in many houses.

Great housekeeping advocates cleaning the pot and any disconnectable parts daily with sudsy and warm water. Use a soft cloth when wiping the coffee grinder. Also, ensure that all the blades are thoroughly wiped.

Note that cleaning and maintaining your coffee grinder adversely affects the taste of the coffee.

Why Krups Coffee Grinder is Special?

  • It ensures that you get the exact coffee you desire by allowing you to brew the coffee beans according to your preference.
  • There should be a balance when grinding coffee beans. Too little and too much grinding is not okay. The krups coffee grinder gives you the balance you want.
  • Quality coffee beans guarantee you good coffee. What determines the proper grinding of coffee beans is the machine being used. Krups coffee grinder gives you this and more.
  • Different grind sizes blend well with various coffee tastes so as to get the best outcome for your coffee.


Keeping the Krups coffee grinder clean is very vital. Professionals advise that you should clean it immediately after use. It ensures that your original coffee taste is not tampered with. Cleaning a grinder is not as a daunting task as people would think. You will require about one hour maximum to do the exercise since it is simple.

The Krups coffee grind also brews all spices with a 180w brewer. It can grind coffee beans for up to 15 cups. It also has a safety switch which should be activated when the grinder is operating. When you follow all these procedures on how to clean krups coffee grinder to the latter, you will enjoy your coffee without any problems.