Spice Grinder vs Coffee Grinder: What Are The Differences?

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Getting a new kitchen appliance is something that every user looks forward to. It is crucial that before getting a kitchen gadget, you find out all there is to know about that gadget.

In reality, you will think that all grinders are the same but it is not usually the case. Each grinder is custom-made to function differently. The case is the same when it comes to spice grinders vs coffee grinders. Let us see all the fine details that pertain to the two grinders in this article.

Spice Grinder Vs Coffee Grinder: What’s the difference?

The first difference is in how each of these grinders handles the grinding procedure. Blades are used by spice grinders whereas coffee grinders prefer burrs. In terms of flexibility, spice grinders carry the day. It is because they are able to grind absolutely anything including nuts.

Overview of Spice Grinders:

A spice grinder is suitable for both occasional and regular spice users. It does not matter whether you are using an electric spice grinder, spice mill, or mortar and pestle. The spice grinder also grinds nuts, coffee beans, and pastes making them very versatile.

It is more of a two-in-one machine since it handles more than one task.

Spice Grinders Advantage

The merits of using this grinder include:

  • Versatility

Flexibility is the main advantage that this grinder offers you. It goes as far as grinding wet and dry ingredients which is not the case in coffee grinders.

  • It has two options

The spice grinder is usually available in two kinds; manual and electric. Both options function differently so look out for each one’s pros and cons before purchasing them.

  • Affordability

Spice grinders are very affordable compared to their coffee equals.

Spice Grinders Disadvantage

The downside of this grinder is;

  • Inconsistent grind

The spice grinder is not recommendable for grinding coffee beans because of its inconsistency.

Qualities of good spice grinders

Investing in a quality spice grinder is very vital especially when running a business that deals with ground spices.  It is sometimes difficult to get what you are actually looking for. Consider the following when buying one;

  • Bottle size

Small enterprises such as local cafes, delis, and health shops will require a small bottle-sized spice grinder and vice versa for larger businesses. There are different styles and sizes available in the marketplace and are very affordable.

  • Glass or plastic

Both of these two bottles have their merits and demerits. In terms of value, glass bottle is a higher meaning that they are quite pricey when buying them. Choosing either of these bottles depends on your financial muscle, business, and your preference.

  • Liners and seals

The seal is important in preserving the spices for a longer period of time. Non-tamper seals are used in ensuring that the goods are intact. Liners are also important in protecting your grinder.

  • Grinder lid closures

There is a wide range of closures available in kitchen appliances outlets.  It is important that as you buy a spice grinder, look out for closure as well.

  • Bottle shape

There are different types of bottle shapes for a spice grinder. The most famous one is the classic cylindrical bottles. The shape depends on the nature of your business and what you prefer.

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Overview of Coffee Grinders:

Coffee grinders are the contrary of spice grinders in various ways. The coffee grinders only perform one single thing, grinding coffee. Purchasing this grinder becomes a daunting task since it will not handle many functionalities. Like their spice counterparts, they also come in two options; electric and manual.

For a manual burr grinder, you will part away with from $50 and beyond, whereas for electric $100 and above.

Coffee Grinders Advantage

The main advantage of having this grinder in your kitchen is;

  • Consistent grind

It is known for offering a uniform grind that boasts the taste of your cup of coffee.

Coffee Grinder Disadvantage

The demerit of using this grinder includes;

  • One use

Besides grinding coffee, there is nothing else you can do with this machine which becomes inconvenient for some users. It is not worth investing especially if you do not use it daily.

  • Quite expensive

When compared to spice grinders, you will dig deeper into your pocket when purchasing one.

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Features of a coffee grinder:

You do not just wake up in the morning, and walk into an appliance outlet to purchase a coffee grinder. There are high chances that you will get the wrong one if you buy without proper planning. The features to put into consideration as you buy your grinder include;

  • Price implication

There are no cheap coffee grinders as you may think. The cheapest may be the blade coffee grinder which goes for $50 while the burr coffee grinder is twice that price and more. The more you spend on coffee beans, the higher the quality of the coffee grinder will be needed.

  • Grind settings

If you are a frequent coffee drinker, you will require a grinder that offers enough settings during the grinding process. You will choose between stepped and step-less grinders to determine your grind settings.

  • Noise

Noisy products can really disturb your peace and that of your loved ones. In this regard, consider purchasing a conical grinder to a flat plate, and a burr grinder to a blade grinder. Look out for customers’ reviews on a less noisy coffee grinder when purchasing it online. It may not be 100% noise-free, but at least buy the one with the least noise.

  • Dosing

Dosing options depend on how the grinder administers ground coffee. Consider the dosing feature as you purchase your grinder.

  • Size

Size is a consideration for most kitchen appliances, not just for coffee grinders. Most of the kitchen cabinets have limited spaces hence the need to consider the size of your grinder that will perfectly fit. When getting the coffee grinder for your new kitchen, hire an expert in making cabinets so that you can let him know what you want for your grinder’s size.

  • Ease of cleaning and maintaining

It is frustrating to buy a coffee grinder that is difficult to use, clean, and maintain. Get a machine that will not strain you when cleaning it. The good news is that all kitchen appliances come with a user guide which is written in simple terms.

Make sure that you read through all the instructions and understand them, then apply them once you get your coffee grinder. Also, make sure that it has a warranty in the event of spoiling you can always return it back.

Spice Grinder Vs Coffee Grinder

There are several differences in the functionality of both of these grinders. The following table will help you in understanding the differences;

Spice Grinder Coffee Grinder
Uniformity in grinding

Which one is right for you?

Both of the two grinders perform different functions in the kitchen. You will buy the one that you will use frequently whether it is grinding coffee beans or spices. Go for a spice grinder, if you like giving your meals the spicy feel.  If you want a tastier cup of coffee, consider the burr grinder. With this question, there is no definite answer.

Purchase the grinder that meets your coffee and spice needs.


The main frequent asked questions include;

Can you use a coffee grinder as a spice grinder?

The answer is an empathetic NO. It is because both coffee and spice grinders are tasked with different capabilities. The coffee grinder strictly handles coffee matters while their spice counterparts do spices and other hard products such as nuts. in terms of the grinding process, coffee grinders use burrs while spice grinders prefer blades hence you cannot use one over the other.

Is a spice grinder necessary?

There is no definite answer to this question. Depending on the frequency of grinding your spices is when you will decide on whether to buy a spice grinder or not. For users with hotels and restaurants, you will definitely need it to assist you in spicing your meals for your customers. In this regard, get an electric spice grinder for your business.

For those who do not like spiced food, then there is no need of buying a spice grinder. It is not a must-have machine in your kitchen.

The bottom line

In a classic kitchen, you should get both spice grinders vs coffee grinders since both of them can be used interchangeably. Most people do not have the financial capability of buying both of these machines. Grab the one that you will be using frequently, use a coffee grinder for a tasty cup of coffee, and spice grinder for spices such as coriander, pepper, cumin, and many more.

Apply the above-shared information especially on the qualities to look out for when purchasing a coffee and spice grinder. If you follow them to the latter, then there will be no disappointments in the grinders you will take home.