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Last Updated on December 11, 2022 by Cynthia A. Rose

The method you use in grinding your coffee has a direct impact on the final taste on your brew. It is possible to the perfect roast, premium filters, pure water, and high-quality coffee with a good coffee maker. Still, at long last, you destroy the final taste of your coffee when you use a poor technique of grinding. Therefore, it is good to have some basic knowledge of how to grind coffee.

There are three main types of coffee grind sizes, which you should consider before resuming the grinding process. These sizes may be fine, medium, or coarse grind size. Therefore, our essay targets to describe the systematic steps involved for you grind coffee comfortably without straining.

Before discussing the steps for coffee grinding, let us first understand the different types of sizes you may need when grinding coffee.

Main types of the coffee grind size


  • fine grind size

Usually, the fine size of the coffee grind may contain very little or no sheen at all. When you press on it, the ground coffee remains at your finger intentionally. You can make use of the short pulses if you want to achieve a fine grind. Burr grinder processes manually the entire surface of the coffee which you put into it.

However, if you carry too much grinding, it may make the whole process into battering hence resulting in clumpy ground coffee from fine grinding. That is why you may find fine-sized lacks shine appearance like the one in the coarse grind.

  • Coarse grind size

It is one of the most suitable grind sizes for percolators and French press. Coarse size consists of a shallow surface than that of fine grinds; thus need for steeping it. Besides, rough coffee grind size is easy and straightforward for filtering out.

If you want to obtain a coarse grind size, you can use a burr or manual grinder. However, you should not use a burr grinder since it results in a cup of coffee with terrible greasy.

  • Medium grind size

This is one of the prettiest sizes of standard ground coffee, which is mostly available in many groceries. It consists of a sight cling, making it the excellent grind for vacuum coffee and drip-over coffee. Different methods may require the use of this medium coffee grind size.

Coffee grinding process

Do you know some of the steps involved for proper grinding of coffee grinder for cold brew? If not, then follow the following steps.

1. Identify the grinder which matches with your coffee maker

Now that you have come up with the level of grind you want for your coffee maker, ensure to get the right blender that can work correctly. Usually, there are three different types of mills, which are crucial for use with various grind levels. They include:

  • Burr grinder

It is best to use when you want to obtain an excellent, beautiful, or medium-fine size coffee ground. When preparing Espresso or turkey coffee, a burr grinder is suitable for that matter since the blade grinder does not produce fine sizes. However, Burr grinder is costly compared to the blade grinder, but it is adjustable to any level.

  • Hand grinder

When you want to go back to the old-fashioned way, you can make use of a hand grinder. For you to use this type of grinder, you need to put the beans into the canister as you pump a handle, which causes the blades to churn inside. However, it does not produce a precise grind.

  • Blade grinder

It is the best grinder to use when you want to obtain medium, medium coarse, coarse or very coarse grinds. The blade grinder is mainly suitable for use because it works better for cold brew, drip coffee as well as French presses makers. When using, you load the beans on the upper part of the grinder and press the lid downwards, which activates the blade chopping the beans.

(2) Plan to grind coffee before brewing it

Sometimes, you may grind enough coffee to last even up to even a week. Your coffee may have a better taste when you use mostly ground beans that are fresh. If you have enough beans with the grinder, and then you can get the best of your ground coffee daily.

(3) Measure out the beans

To each cup, measure exactly about two spoons of the coffee beans into it. When you want to obtain a strong coffee, you can use the two tablespoons of coffee beans into six ounces. For watery coffee, measure two spoons per 8 ounces.

Put the beans into the grinder following the instructions from the primary manufacturer. Many of the grinders have canister on the uppermost of the device with a lid, which you should remove and completely replace it.

(4) Grind your coffee

For effective operation of the grinder, ensure to use the manual guide from the manufacturer for proper instructions. In case you are using a burr grinder, make sure to set it well so that it can perform the work of grinding correctly. For a blade grinder, you can press down the button so that to pulse the beans until you obtain the proper grind.

When using a hand grinder, you need to pump hard the handle for you to obtain ground beans. Notably, if you are using a blade grinder, you should remember to lift it and shake the blender up slowly between the pulses so that to ensure that the beans ground adequately.

Besides using the grinders, you can also use a blender, a mortar, and pestle or a hammer to grind your coffee at home comfortably.

When using a blender, you can place the beans on the mixer while using a pulse setting to grind them finely as you may wish. For mortar and pestle, you need to put the beans into the mortar as you grind them using a pestle. Keep on grinding until you obtain the ground coffee that you deserve.

In case you are desperate, use a hammer and the coffee beans placed on the sheets of wax-paper put on the sturdy surface as you smash them until you obtain your coffee maker.


In general, most of the coffee lovers agree that the grounding of fresh coffee beans yields a good cup of coffee. It is good to learn how to grind coffee before brewing it so that you can protect the flavors from environmental exposure.

Therefore, after going through this article, we hope that you can follow the steps keenly so that you can grind your coffee correctly.