Love burgers? Check the best meat to grind for burgers

Last Updated on May 27, 2022 by Cynthia A. Rose

Did you ever notice the anatomy of a burger?

We lack the exact idea about the structure of a burger, unusual, isn’t it?

Well, a burger is available in different styles. There are specific cuts and meats to prepare the right burger. If you can use the best meat to grind for burgers, the taste becomes more delicious.

So, in this post, I will share about the suitable meats that you can grind with your meat grinders.

Instead of buying ground meats, experts recommend preparing the meat at home. Health awareness is the prime reason for those.

Please check this guide on how you can select the meats and prepare the burger for your next evening snack.

Types of burger meats 


Brisket is one of the most standard meat cuts. It is suitable to prepare burger patties smoothly. You can have several types of cuts from a brisket.

The other impressive factor is that processing a brisket is effortless. Brisket has fewer connective tissues. And this part supports the animal in movement. So, grinding the piece is easy and takes less time.

On the other part, mixing processed meat is also relaxed. 


Chuck is the piece from the shoulder of the cow or other animals. It is filled with a combination of solid meat and fat. Cooking experts term this piece as the best cut for preparing a burger patty.

If you need an economical cut, you should prefer chuck. The taste of the piece is mouthwatering. It melts in the mouth within a few seconds.

Or, if you need a juicy burger, you must prefer the chuck. You can have several types of slices from this chuck. 


Another substantial cut for a burger is from the sirloin. Many expert chefs note that a combination of sirloin and chuck can make the best burger patty. And grinding them together is fun too.

The mainstream burger producers use sirloin to bring a beefy flavor. Since the portion is from the back part of the animal, you can also use it to make steak. Adding this piece to other recipes will also render the same flavor.

Beef with grass feeding

Generally, the feed of animals is available in two forms – grass and corn. The animals or cows which are corn-fed, are a bit fatty. Almost all the pieces are filled with fats. But the grass-fed ones are a bit different and less fatty than their counterparts.

Thereby, if you need low fat in your burger, you can opt for the grass-fed pieces. Taking any of the parts from the beef will do. Processing those pieces is also comfortable. However, if you want to add some juicy flavor, you can add some fats during the grinding process.

Crossbred pieces

At the same time, you have the option to select your burger patty from the crossbred cows. They are available everywhere. The key reason for choosing them is to get a tender piece. Most of the mouthwatering burger patties are from those crossbred pieces.

Grinding the crossbred meat chuck takes less time. If you want to have some pretty-looking burgers, there are fewer alternatives than the crossbred pieces. 


Usually, the ribs are available in various shapes. The short ribs are the best preference of the experts. They are tender. For preparing some superb burger pieces, you will need the ribs.

Grinding ribs create less impact on your meat grinder. And if you can manage boneless short ribs, that would be great. Your burger will have a delicious taste with a juicy flavor. Even it would be easier for a minor to consume the patty with almost zero effort.

Bison pieces

Experimenting with burger meat has been going on for ages. Accordingly, you can also use meat pieces from bison. You can take any of the portions from a bison for your burger. The meat tastes sweet. Alongside the sweetness, you get some tender meats as well.

With a lean bison piece, you get a sufficient amount of protein intake and slight fats. Even if the bison is not grass-fed, you will get almost the same amount of nutritious value. 

Worried about grinding bison meat? There are no reasons to feel so. You can do it in the same way as you grind beef or other types of meats.

Round piece

For some sleek patty, you can prefer the round piece from beef. A round piece contains fewer fats, but other nutrient values are present entirely. Also, any ordinary meat grinder can process the round slices. 

Elk pieces

As it is told that experiments go on with burgers for ages, you can try elk pieces as well. Such meats have an increased level of protein with a low amount of fat. Those who are health conscious can prefer the elk burger.

Also, the elk pieces are tender and easy to grind.

Burgers with turkey


Well, experts term turkey as the “stunt double” of beef. In reality, they are sleek and lower in calories. If you are on a diet but can’t resist having a burger, try this one. The grinding process of turkey is similar to ground beef, chicken, or mutton.

 Interestingly, you can regularly intake turkey in your burger. They have no artery-clogging fats. Turkey is an excellent source of protein. So, you have the right amount of protein in your everyday burger.

How to make a burger?

So far, you have got the idea for the best meat to grind for a burger. Now, get some brief idea about making one.


  1. Onion – one piece (small and diced)
  2. Beef mince (400g)
  3. Egg – one piece
  4. Vegetable oil – 1 tablespoon
  5. Burger buns – three pieces
  6. Tomato – one-piece, sliced
  7. Mayonnaise
  8. Lettuce
  9. Sauce
  10. Ketchup


Take a medium bowl. Mix the diced onion, egg, and beef mince. Make sure the mixture is complete. Now, separate the mixture into three or four pieces. Make balls with the mixture. Ensure the balls look like small tennis balls.

Now, flatten the balls by pressing your palm to make patties. Check the thickness and ensure they are at least 3-4 centimeters thick. Also, check all the patties that are of the same thickness.

Preserve the patties in a refrigerator for half an hour.

The key benefit of making a burger is that you can fry the patties on a pan or can grill them. Grilling the patties will add some additional flavor.

So, make the barbecue heated. Before placing the patties on the barbecue, brush them with vegetable oil. Cover all the sides. Cook for around six to seven minutes. And keep adding oil to make them juicy.

Keep cooking for five more minutes in medium heat. Take them out of the barbecue.

Cut the burger buns, and place the patties inside the buns. Add the ketchup, sauce, and lettuce.

The burger is complete. Enjoy!!

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to making the perfect hamburger, the meat you choose is key. So, what is the best meat to grind for hamburgers?

Ground beef is a common choice for burgers, but there are several other types of meat that can be used as well. For example, ground pork or lamb make delicious burgers. Turkey or chicken also works well and can be a healthier option.

No matter which type of meat you choose, make sure it is fresh and has not been frozen. The quality of the burger will depend on the quality of the meat. Also, be sure to avoid any pre-ground beef, as this can often be high in fat and sodium.

If you are grinding your own meat, it is important to use the right tools.

Can you grind ribeye for burgers?

There’s no need to go out and buy ground beef when you can easily grind ribeye steak for burgers at home. All you need is a meat grinder attachment for your KitchenAid mixer (or any other stand mixer) and a few minutes to spare.

Not only is grinding your own meat more affordable, but it also guarantees that you’re getting the freshest, most flavorful burgers possible.

Plus, you can customize the grind to your liking, adding in some fat or extra seasonings, if desired. So go ahead and give it a try – your taste buds will thank you!

Is ground chuck good for burgers?

Ground chuck is a type of ground beef that is made from a blend of different cuts of beef. It is sometimes called “chuck steak” because the meat comes from the shoulder of the cow.

Ground chuck is a good choice for burgers because it has a lot of flavors and a nice texture. It is also relatively affordable compared to other types of ground beef.

Last words 

Knowing the best meat to grind for burgers is a plus. It reduces the chances of making a mistake while the selection of burger meat. Usually, expert chefs always select the meat before they take burger-making preparations. Thereby, you can also follow their styles and make their “stunt doubles” at your home.”