Compare Here Which Has More Holes Salt or Pepper Shaker

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Do you use a shaker? If yes, what type is your shaker? Usually, a shaker is an essential kitchen tool container with holes on the top used for holding and a sprinkling of pepper, salt, or masala onto the food.

So it is good to compare which has more holes salt or pepper shaker.

This shaker container comes with identical pairs of various designs and shapes. However, the design dictates the type of shaker to hold a particular salt or pepper.

Therefore, the number of holes in the pepper shaker is different from those in salt shakers. In this article, we are going to discuss the significant differences based on the number of holes between pepper and salt shakers.

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1. Pepper shaker

A Pepper shaker is a container with holes on the upper side that is useful for sprinkling pepper into the food. These holes are tiny in size, and they are many compared with those found in salt shakers.

Usually, the container may be opaque, transparent, or decorations. The sizes of the holes are different but smaller than those of salt shakers.

2. Salt shakers

Like in pepper shakers, salt shakers are kitchen containers used for sprinkling salt on the food. The holes in salt shakers are usually larger than those in paper sprinklers.

Salt shakers may either be opaque or transparent bottles with different sizes that are smaller than those of a mug.

Differences Between The Salt Shaker And Pepper Shaker

Let us look at differences between the salt shaker and pepper shaker in terms of the number of holes on their tops, as shown below.

To begin with, usually, pepper shakers features tiny holes on their tops with numerous holes as compared to those in the salt shakers. Since the pepper consists of small crystals, the pepper shaker has small holes for that reason.

On the other hand, salt shakers feature larger and fewer holes since the particles of the salt are somehow large as compared with those of pepper particles. A meal usually consists of more salt compared to the amount of pepper under normal circumstances.

Therefore, that is why it is logical to have smaller holes on the pepper than those in a salt shaker for ease when sprinkling.

Since most of the people consume salts, many salt shakers are big enough to hold more salt than those in the pepper shaker. On the other hand, pepper is suitable and used only by people who would wish to add spices to their food, and some extent, they are optional.

For this reason, it is not much suitable for many people in a meal like those of salt. Therefore, pepper shakers usually tend to be very small than those of the salt shaker. However, sometimes pepper shaker and salt shaker may be of the same size.

How To Identify Pepper And Salt Shakers

Pepper and salt shakers are two different containers found mostly on dinner tables in either restaurant or home. Since the two containers are similar, it does not mean that they are the same despite their capability of holding grains.

Most of the producers’ design pepper and salt shakers mainly for functionality and simplicity while other designs are handy to complement the restaurant and kitchen décor.

In case you have got any physical hindrance like vision impairment, it may be very hectic for you to differentiate between the spices.

However, there are a few ways you can use to identify the black pepper and the common salt using the shaker. The following are some steps involved when you want to distinguish between salt and pepper shakers.

1. Observe the difference between pepper and salt by either spot directly through the containers containing them if they are transparent. This one can enable you to conclude which container has salt or pepper. Ground Salts are usually white crystals obtained using salt grinder while pepper is black.

2. Next, you can touch and feel the weight of the pepper and salt shakers using your hands. Under normal circumstances, pepper weighs less than the weight of salt when the container has the same as the crystals.

3. Besides, try to rub the fingertips across the upper part of your shakers. You will notice that the grains of salts require large holes for sprinkling compared to the powdered pepper, which usually has smaller holes.

4. Listen to the sound that comes out of the shakers when you shake the two containers. You will realize that large and crystal-like salt sounds loose and louder when in contact with the walls of the shaker as compared to the pepper, which produces lighter and finer sound.

5. Use a tablespoon and pour a small amount and taste them to identify the difference if only you do not have any underlined conditions like allergies to pepper or salt.

Comparison Table Between Salt Shakers And Pepper Shakers

            Salt shakers      Pepper shaker
· Have very large holes · Comes with small holes
· Sometimes it may have the same size as pepper shakers · Bigger size than those of salt shakers
· Have fewer holes · Features many holes

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What pepper do chefs use?

A: Chefs prefer ground black pepper obtained using pepper electric pepper grinder . It usually adds sharp aroma and earthy kick when blended into stews soups rubbed on meat so that to season it before cooking.

Q: What salt is healthiest?

A: The healthiest type of salt is the one that has no preservatives added to it. For instance, pink Himalayan salt is the most suitable salt for home cooks since it has the required minerals rich in seasoning.

Q. Why is salt not suitable for you?

A: Too much consumption of salt may lead to an increased level of blood pressure, which may result in heart attack and heart failure, fluid retention, kidney problems, osteoporosis, and stroke. However, you should not stop using salt completely.


To conclude, it is evident enough to say that the pepper shaker has more holes compared to the salt shakers. Therefore, from the above information, which has more holes, salt or pepper shaker should not stress you at all. Besides, you can use our tips to differentiate between the two shakers easily.