The 10 Best Stained Glass Grinder Reviews

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Owning the best stained glass grinder is a major investment for both professional and hobbyist artisans. Yeah, these instruments are significant and one should not miss them in his/her arsenal. They are historical items that were used for constructing religious buildings like churches. Nowadays, their demands are increasing as many people are trying to cope up with technological advancements.

Remember, your simple cutter or saw can also be important for shaping intricate pieces. But, a glass grinder chips in to smoothen the workpiece. Your job will therefore experience a radical shift both in your showmanship and quality. This article is here to help you make the right decision.

Quick Comparison – Best Stained Glass Grinder 

Best Value
Product Image
Gryphon Gryphette Glass Grinder
Prime Status
Best Overall
Product Image
Glastar All Star G8 Grinder
Prime Status
Best Durable
Product Image
Super Star II Grinder with Free Eye Shield
Prime Status
Best Quality
Product Image
Inland Wiz CG Stained Glass Grinder
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Best for Professional
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Glass with Vicki Payne Glass Grinder - Glastar Superstar II Grinder
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Our Top Picks

Best Value: Gryphon Gryphette Glass Grinder

It’s the best glass grinder coupling a lot of elegant features at an affordable price point. Some of the features include; spare fuse, powerful 0.67 HP motor, lightweight design, etc. No need to spend much on expensive models, yet you can rely on the model.

Best Overall: Glastar All Star G8 Grinder

Everything in this machine is amazing. Some of the unique features include; rubber splash guard, coolant, built-in accessory drawer, and its 5-year warranty is great.

Best for Reliable and Durable: Super Star II Grinder

Its reliability makes it substantial and suitable for beginners or students. It boasts an easy-to-use design; hobbyists can rely on the tool too. Eye shield protector spares you from splashing water and grinding particles.

Best Quality: Inland Wiz CG Stained Glass Grinder

No need to buy an extra glass grinder, yet you can modify this one. It comes with multiple features and accepts various attachments for versatility.

Best for Professional Use: Vicki Payne Glass Grinder

It boasts an easy to use design for quick cleaning. Besides, maintaining the model is straightforward; not complicated.

Our 10 Best Stained Glass Grinder Reviews

1. Gryphon Gryphette Glass Grinder

Key features and specifications

  • Powerful 0.67 DC motor
  • Spare fuse
  • Simple design
  • Has 5/16’ standard shaft and ¾-inch bit
  • Brand: Gryphon
  • Weight: 3.8 pounds
  • Dimensions: 7 x 7 x 5.75 inches
  • Size: Gryphette

If you’re looking for a tool to offer you a baseline grinding experience, then Gryphon Gryphette glass grinder has got your back. The device comes at an excellent price point, boasting elegant features for you. Some of the incredible features one should expect in this machine include;

Lightweight and compact design

The lightweight design makes this equipment suitable for budding artists and students. Besides, it doesn’t need a lot of space, but it offers amazing glass grinding performance. One can just use the tool in his/her backyard; it’s a tabletop glass grinder.

Powerful motor

The motor is another incredible feature that you enjoy from the Gryphon Gryphette glass grinder. You are assured of robust performance to achieve better grinding results. For this reason, the manufacturer is equipped with a 0.67 Amp powerful motor that delivers up to 3000 revolutions per minute.

This combination is just enough for offering a substantial grinding experience flawlessly. It can penetrate into any glass material.

Affordable price tag

The noticeable feature that you will meet in this machine is the attractive price tag. Despite its price, the tool possesses features you expect to get inexpensive grinders.

All these features come in at a cheaper price; you don’t have to waste much of your money in more expensive models yet they serve the same purpose. It’s a bit cheaper because it doesn’t have many unnecessary features, unlike premium models.


The device is compatible with various standard bits. This is one of the main reasons why I prefer using the tool. Those in need of a suitable glass grinder for a start can invest in this.

Gryphon Gryphette glass grinder has a 5/16” standard shaft and a ¾-inch bit to accommodate all standard bits. Therefore, it is possible to buy extra bits and just use the device to perform some other jobs.

Buying this glass grinder serves the intended purpose, there’s no need to go for complicated models out there. The only problem that may annoy you is the limited workspace. This is because of its compact size.

Easy to use design

Beginners can still enjoy using this grinding machine for stained glass since it’s not complicated. You should only have some basic operating skills; you’re ready to go.

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2. Glastar All Star G8 Grinder

Key features and specifications

  • Inbuilt accessory drawer
  • Roller-type twistable straight edge guide for accuracy
  • Coolant mechanisms
  • Rubber splash guard
  • Five-year warranty
  • 1” and ¼-inch bits
  • Brand: Glastar Corporation
  • Weight: 11.77 pounds
  • Dimensions: 15.5 x 13.51 x 8.85 inches

The next glass grinder on our list comes from Glastar Corporation and has everything to keep you going. It’s really a star just like its name with unquestionable performance for excellent glass grinding experience.

Let’s have a look at some of its outstanding features;

Powerful motor

Glastar All Star G8 Grinder boasts a 1/9 HP powerful motor that boasts up to 45-ounce torques per inch. More so, its 3560 revolutions per minute are just enough to handle various glass types.

Quiet operation

The powerful motor comes with a permanent split capacitor style that works at a reduced noise production. Therefore, the machine runs smoothly, not to affect your ears and those of the nearby persons.

This feature therefore makes the tool suitable for both commercial and home use. You don’t have to worry about interfering with other people’s comfort.

Safety features

One of the main features of this machine is the eye protector. Your eyes will be protected from glass particles while working. The 8×9 lens therefore makes the tool substantial, then some of its counterparts on the market. It ensures you a detailed view; you see clearly the progress of your workpiece.

The lens is also scratch-resistant, not affected with grinding particles over time. This is amazing and you might not find the feature in other high-class models. Other safety features include; a splash guard and an eyeshield.

Coolant mechanisms

No more heat ups with this model as it features an inbuilt pump in place of a sponge. It ensures the diamonds are kept cool while working. The grinder coolant packs also ensure the engine is cool while in operation.

Compatibility and durability

The Glastar All Star G8 Grinder also comes with 1” and ¼-inch diamond heads for consistent performance. This means that you can attach a ¼-inch bit for drilling and small glass pieces.

Furthermore, the safety of the tool and its parts is guaranteed due to the available accessory drawer. The drawer helps you to organize the tools. The stained glass grinder for sale has almost everything, necessary for professional-grade applications.

Enough workspace

The working surface of this machine is just enough; 11×13 inches. The space is larger compared to those of its competitors in the market. This surface is enough to accommodate glass materials with varying sizes.

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3. Super Star II Grinder with Free Eye Shield

Key features and specification

  • 1/12 HP powerful motor
  • Eye shield mechanism
  • Coolant drain
  • Adjustable straight edge guide
  • Flexible rubber splash guard
  • Built-in accessory drawer
  • ¼” and ¾-inch grinding bits
  • Five-year warranty
  • Brand: Glastar Corporation
  • Weight: 7.25 pounds

A great investment; that’s what some hobbyists say about this option. Super Star II Grinder is a reliable and durable tool out there. You don’t have to spend more on an eyeshield protector; it’s provided for you freely. Therefore, whether you are a professional or a hobbyist, don’t hesitate to invest in the device.

Below are some of the unique features you expect to enjoy in the model;

8×9-inch working surface

Such a working surface is amazing, making the equipment suitable to accommodate both medium and small glass sizes. The bonded ¼” bit and ¾” bits are excellently equipped in the Mini table for handling smaller glass pieces.

You don’t have to worry about splitting the glasses or going for a model with an extra-large working surface; just use this grinder.

Comfort and smooth operation

The manufacturer also equipped Super Star II Grinder with multiple coolant fluid containers and sponges for smooth operation. The mechanisms cool the motor whenever handling heavy jobs.

Excellent motor

Super Star II Grinder features a 1/12 HP powerful motor that produces not less than 19lbs torques per inch. The motor can also deliver up to 3450 revolutions per minute.

This rotation speed is just enough for your medium and small glass grinding projects.

Easy to use and clean design

Another reason I am recommending this product for you, is its easy-to-clean design. Besides, after grinding you only have to wipe down the glass particles using a piece of cloth and you’re done.

Accurate results

You can use the rubber splash guard to minimize water spreading while handling wet cutting glass pieces. Such a feature makes the machine suitable for beginners; you won’t find some of its features in low-class options.

Other features like an adjustable roller-type straight edge guide and cooling drain are essential in ensuring maximum performance. The guard enhances accurate results by keeping the glass in place.

Retainers and longevity

Super Star II Grinderis equipped with some retainers for holding the sponge in place whenever the mini-table is in operation. It’s rare to get such a mechanism in most of the glass grinders on the market.

It guarantees you an easy to use design and effortless operation. On the other hand, the accessory is essential for storing tool’s components. The parts therefore become long-lasting. More so, the bits are long-lasting; they’ll serve you for some years.

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4. Inland Wiz CG Stained Glass Grinder

Key features and specifications

  • Key features and specifications
  • 30 ounce-inch powerful torque motor
  • Lift-off reservoir
  • Multitasking
  • Accommodates wire frame support
  • Five-year warranty
  • Brand: Reentel
  • Weight: 9 pounds
  • Dimensions: 10 x 5.5 x 11 inches
  • Power source: electric-corded

Have a taste of this excellent option from the Reentel manufacturer. The device possesses a powerful motor and incredible features to get you going. I thought it would be wise to go through the entire features and see whether it suits your daily glass grinding project.

Powerful motor

Inland Wiz CG Stained Glass Grinder house a superior motor that is can deliver tremendous torque for both heavy and deep grinding. The combination of 1/11horsepower and a 30 ounce-inch torque motor enables the tool to penetrate into various glass surfaces effortlessly.

The motor tries to pump up to 3550 rpm at free speed. This is enough for handling both heavy-duty and small grinding tasks.

Easy to clean design

Here is another unique feature that you expect from the best glass grinder for stained glass; that’s why Inland Wiz CG is on our today’s list. Removing the rift-off reservoir is straightforward, allowing you to quickly and easily clean the machine after use.

Furthermore, you can use a piece of cloth to wipe down the glass particles after work. This is excellent as you won’t waste much of your time cleaning the tool, yet you’re tired.

This feature also helps you to easily maintain and monitor the machine’s operation since you can access the internal components effortlessly.

Sizeable working surface

Unlike low-class models, Inland Wiz CG comes with a 13-inch remarkable working space for convenience. The space is enough and can hold different sizes of glasses, based on your daily glass sizes.

As that is not enough, it’s possible to completely reverse the work surface, allowing you to work comfortably. You don’t have to worry about the material form you’re using; everything is possible with this glass grinder.


You expect to meet 1/4” and ¾-inch sets of diamond grinding bits for versatility. Attach suitable grinding bits based on the material size at hand. There are other useful accessories that are enough for the device’s versatility.

For example, it accommodates the wireframe support to accept Indian’s MagnaShield or FaceShield.

Stable base

Stability is another common feature that one should expect in high-quality glass grinders. For this reason, the manufacture enhanced Inland Wiz CG with a robust and heavy-duty base for balance and stability. No need to worry about using the machine on your workbench during demanding grinding sessions.

Sleek body and easy to install design

Its body construction is attractive and you don’t need any help to install the tool. why don’t you invest in this machine? It will spare you from hassles that you could experience from complex models on the market.

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5. Vicki Payne Glass Grinder

Key features and specifications

  • 1/12 horsepower motor
  • Flexible rubber splash guard
  • Eye protector
  • Adjustable straight edge guide (roller-type)
  • Coolant drain
  • Built-in accessory drawer
  • Two grinding bits
  • Brand: Glastar Corporation
  • Five-year warranty
  • Weight: 6.3 pounds

The last option on our today’s stained glass grinder reviews is the Vicki Payne Glass Grinder.  Investing in this machine is a great and lifetime deal. The Grinder is a reliable and durable tool compared to its counterparts on the market. Vicki Payne Glass Grinder is therefore suitable for both hobbyists and professionals.

Let’s explore more about the product;

You don’t have to worry about splitting the glasses or going for a model with an extra-large working surface; just use this grinder.

Excellent motor

Vicki Payne Glass Grinder features a 1/12 HP powerful motor that delivers not 19lbs torques per inch. The motor also produces 3450 revolutions per minute.

This combination is just great for your medium and small glass grinding jobs.

Smooth operation

The manufacturer enhanced Vicki Payne Glass Grinder with various coolant fluid containers and sponges for uninterrupted operation. The mechanisms ensure the motor is cool whenever working on intense jobs.

Vicki Payne Glass Grinder is also associated with the quiet operation; no need to worry about interfering with other people’s businesses.


The manufacturer equipped this glass grinder with a tremendous ventilation opening at the bottom or back of its housing. It ensures proper ventilation while the tool is in use.

Enough working space

8×9-inch working surface is great, allowing the tool to hold both medium and small glass sizes. Furthermore the bonded ¼” bit and ¾” bits are excellently fixed in the Mini table for handling even smaller glass pieces.

Easy to use and maintain design

This is another exciting fact why the hobbyists are in love with the tool. After grinding you, only have to wipe down the glass particles using a piece of cloth and you’re done.


For accuracy, one can utilize the flexible rubber splash guard to minimize water spreading while handling wet cutting glass pieces. Other essential features like an adjustable roller-type straight edge guide and cooling drain are essential in ensuring maximum performance.

The guard enhances accurate results by keeping the glass in place.

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6. Portable Stained Glass Grinder, Mini Art Grinding Tool

Wanlecy grinder is a mini glass grinder that is lightweight and portable. Despite its size, it has a powerful motor that makes it win on performance towards other grinders of the same size. It is perfect for use by both professionals and home grinders.

Key Features & Specifications

  • Manufacturer Wanlecy
  • Weight: 5.68 pounds
  • Materials: Metal, plastic
  • Maximum Rotational Speed: 4200RPM
  • Voltage: 110 volts
  • Rotating shaft with grinding head
  • MCBL58 Grinding wheel

Wide Applications

Wanlecy grinders are appropriate for grinding ceramics, glass, and other brittle materials. In addition, it grinds a variety of glass geometric shapes including curves, slopes, planes, and rounded corners. There is a brown-protective paper at the acrylic baffle. The paper helps to avoid glass scratching while in transit.

Lightweight & Portable

Wanlecy portable wet glass grinder weighs 5.68 pounds only. It is the most portable stained glass grinder on the list. It is therefore easy to transport and the best machine for professional glass artists as well as students. The device requires small space for storage where you can place it even on a table in your backyard.

Additional features

The Wanlecy machine package comes with other supplementary features like a hex wrench and a 1 by 5/8 diamond drill bit.

Affordable prices

Wanlecy has a very affordable option price that both students and hobbyist grinders can manage. The lower price does not mean it is any less. It has all the features present in other expensive brands. Therefore, it is the best glass-grinding machine that you should have.

Powerful motor

Despite the small size of the Wanlecy stain glass grinder, it comes with a very strong built-in motor. Once you purchase the item, you will be sure of wonderful performance that will result in acquiring flat surfaces with ease. With a maximum Rotational Speed of 4200RPM, you will achieve a smoother finish of any glass material.

Ease of Use

Wanlecy glass wet grinder is very straightforward to operate. No matter you are a beginner or an expert, you will have an enjoyable moment using the machine. You only need to acquire the basic operational skills and you are good to go.

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7. Glastar Allstar G8 Stained Glass Grinder

Glastar Grinder is among the best-stained glass grinders in the market. It has every feature and quality to keep your work going. Glastar is a powerful grinder with excellent performance that makes it indeed a star. Below are its features and specification.

Key Features specifications

  • Coolant mechanisms
  • In-built accessory drawer
  • Weight- 11.77 pounds
  • Twistable with a straight edge roller
  • Brand- Glastar Corporation
  • 5-year warranty
  • 1-inch and ¼ inch bits
  • 7 Rubber splashguard

Safety Features

The Glastar comes with an eye protector as the main safety feature. It prevents any pieces of glass from hitting and damaging your eyes. It has a substantial 8 by 9 lens that makes it the best. The lens gives you a comprehensive view; you can monitor your work. The lens is scratch-proof; grinding elements will not damage it over time. Other safety features include a protective face shield and a splashguard.

Powerful motor

Glastar comes with a very strong and motor durable of 1/9 HP that produces about 45-ounce torques every inch. In addition, it has a very powerful revolution of 3560 revolutions for every minute. The power is great enough to handle any glass type.

Quiet Motor

The Glastar’s powerful motor has an everlasting split-capacitor style that produces little to no voice. The powerful machine operates smoothly without affecting your ears nor that of your neighbors. The feature makes it perfect for both professional grinders and DIY.

Sufficient workplace

Glastar has a working space of 11 by 13 inches. Compared to other brands, it has a larger surface. You can work with glasses of varying sizes comfortably.


The Glastar machine comes with an accessory drawer to keep all the parts and tools safe. It allows you to bring together the tools that make your grinding work easy and fast.

Coolant mechanism

The machine comes with an in-built pump in a position of a sponge. The pump ensures that the diamond bits are cool while at work. The coolant packs cool the engine while in action.

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8. Gryphon Studio Stained Glass Grinder

Gryphon Studio is a hobbyist grinder that offers excellent and professional work. It is among the affordable option but very powerful glass grinders in the market. Griffin grinds glass to produce both inclined surfaces and flat surfaces with ease. If your work is cutting glass with a grinder, Gryphon is the best option to consider.

Key Features & Specifications

  • Gravity-fed coolant tower
  • Grinder head for smooth mounting
  • The powerful motor of 0.67 AMP and 3000 RPM
  • The large working surface of 9.75 by 9 inches
  • Voltage: 110 volt
  • Weight: 10Lbs
  • Interchangeable glass grinder bits
  • Splashguards and face shields are available

Built-in Electric Pump

Gryphon electric glass grinder comes with an automatic electric pump. The pump supplies reliable and constant water flow to the glass-grinding bit. The mechanism helps to cool the machine, therefore, increasing its lifespan. With the electric pump, no need to use the sponge.

All accessories included

Gryphon stained grinder comes with two bits sizes of 1 inch and ¼ inch. It is therefore compatible with all standard bits including slip-on bits.

Revolutionary base

Gryphon is a quality glass grinder that brings all the comfort you need while grinding. You only need to rotate the base and the grinding surface will convert from a horizontal position to an incline. You can do your grinding work while sitting or standing. There is no fatigue because there is no necessity to stoop over to have a clear view of the work.

Safety features

Gryphon Studio Grinder comes with a protective face shield that prevents you from being hit by larger pieces of glass while grinding. It also acts as an eye protection device. No glass particles can enter your eyes. There is the lens that allows you to observe your work clearly as it gives a sharper view. Also included is the splashguard.

Powerful Motor

Gryphon Studio has a great motor that is capable of producing powerful torques. It is perfect for deep glass as well as heavy glass grinding. The 0.67AMP and 3000 RPM motor make it possible to cut all sizes of glass.

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9. Inland Craft Wizard IV Stained Glass Grinder Shaping Machine

Inland stained glass cylinder is a quality machine that offers excellent grinding services. It is a perfect device for glass hobbyists as well as professionals due to its powerful operation. The American machine has all the quality features you need for even fragile glass.

Key Features & Specification

  • Weight: 9.5 pounds
  • Large work surface
  • Two drilling bits
  • Five-years manufacturing warranty
  • 40-ounce per inch torque motor
  • Brand: Reentel
  • Liftoff the reservoir
  • Power source: electric corded

Powerful machine

The Inland grinder has a powerful motor of 115 V. It provides more power to help you start both glass hobbyist and professional’s needs. It has a strong workhorse of 40-oz in torque to facilitate easy glass grinding no matter the size of the glass.

Lightweight design

The Inland machine weighs 9.5 pounds only. It makes it easy to carry and store.  It is also rustproof hence it can retain its color as well as value. This increases its lifespan. The machine is attractive and easy to operate saving you time

Large working surface

The 14.5 by 11.5 inches surface is among the largest working surfaces on any brand. The space can hold different sizes of glass. With a reversible working surface, you will work comfortably without the worry of any scrap glass.


The high-quality grinder is very stable. It has a strong base to ensure balance and stability. For this reason, you can use the machine on a workbench when the work demands.

Ease of cleaning

Inland glass grinder comes with a rift-off reservoir. In case it gets dirty, remove and dispose of leaving your machine. You can also use a piece of damp cloth to wipe any glass particles after grinding. The ability to access internal components is also helpful since you can monitor the cleanliness of the device.

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10. ANBULL Portable Stained Glass Grinder Machine

ANNBULL is a stain glass grinder that is comfortable to use. It is a compact power max grinder that is easy to carry and store. The device is of great quality and it comes with 12 months return benefits in case fails to work.  Annbull machine is very affordable and comes with several product promotions.

Key Features & Specifications

  • Acrylic bezel and accessories
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Strong motor with a speed of 4200 RPM
  • Voltage: 110 volts
  • Power source: corded electric

Compact design

The 6.5-inch operation surface can accommodate all little jobs. The machine is lightweight for easy carrying. Being a tabletop device, it requires less space for storage and for working.

Powerful motor

The device has a strong motor that is surrounded by water barriers. The water components ensure that the motor does not overheat. It has a high-speed revolution of 4200 RPM. The great speed helps you to obtain different glass shapes as well as achieve smooth surfaces. In addition, a new-design switch helps in avoiding electric shocks.

Wide applicability

The Annbull device can grind different materials of marble, ceramic and glass. It produces different forms of the curve, bevel, plane, and filler glass surfaces. The diamond wheel has a unique design that supports arts, glass processing, and decoration processes.

Unique grinder bits

The grinder bit base has a spiral design that allows water to wick up onto the wheel. It helps to flush the available dust making the work cleaner and safe. The automatic water mechanism works perfectly with no need for having a sponge.

Acrylic accessories and bezel

The grinder stained glass machine has a baffle that prevents splashes while using the device. It helps to make the work more comfortable and safe. The grinder comes with a replacement diamond wheel, a hex wrench, and a spare fuse.

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How to Choose the Best Stained Glass Grinder – A Buyer’s Guide

I know that the above stained glass grinder reviews might not be enough for you to make a right decision. Yeah, there are some other parameters that can drive the nail at home. These factors are essential in helping you understand what exact features a tool should possess for stained glass work.

Therefore, below are some common factors that should guide you through the decision-making process.

Revolutions per minute

RPM is a major concern that I thought you should know. The rotations explain more about the motor of a particular glass grinder. Remember, models with higher speeds can help you deburr edges effortlessly and smoothly. It therefore reduces chipping chances.

You will find multiple stained glass grinders out there with RPM ranging from 2800-3600 rpm. Machines with a faster motor enhance quicker grinding capabilities. Thus, I would advise you to go for a tool with a higher RPM. however, if you are a beginner, a grinder with higher rpm can be unsuitable for you.

Why don’t choose a machine with reasonable rpm? They can be great for a good start.


Under stained glass grinders, torque is expressed in ounces per inch. It simply determines how powerful a certain motor is. Bits that operate with a massive torque are considered more resistant to the material at hand.  Therefore, investing in a model with more torque is highly recommended, mostly when you wish to work on different types of grinder and glasses.

Thus, experts recommend buying a machine with more than 40 torque motors; they can run over different glass types with a lot of ease. However, if your daily glass grinding project is of lesser density, I urge you to go for a level glass grinder with less than 30 torque motors. They are best suited for small-scale projects that don’t need higher rpm.


This is another useful feature that you need to be keen on when buying the best glass grinder. But, it depends on what you intend to do with the device. Nowadays, most grinders come with a plethora of extra accessories that you can buy separately or couple with the equipment.

Components like eye shield protectors are essential in ensuring your eyes are safe from splashing water. Besides, you can use the accessories to modify your tool to perform various tasks efficiently. You don’t have to buy another glass grinder, yet you can modify the existing one with extra features.

Some other features include; multiple bits, sponges, anti-seize lubricant, and foot pedals.

Surface area

This is where you place your workpieces. The size of the grinder plays a vital role in determining the working surface area. Therefore, if the device is large, probably the working surface will be larger too.

Go for a model with a significant working surface is your materials demand. However, such machines tend to be more expensive compared to those with sizeable surface areas.

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to use a single bit on different glass types?

Yes, if you know what you are exactly doing and what you’re supposed to achieve. However, it’s recommended; only do it if you’re an expert and you don’t have any other way out.

Is it a must to use a diamond coolant?

Off course yes, such a feature is essential in extending the lifespan of the equipment. So, it’s advisable to combine it with some water into the reservoir.

When should I replace the head?

Apply much force that can slow the rpm and then adjust the. Observe the effect, if there’s no change; replace the head.

Final words

Expect multiple grinders on the market with varying features. Such features can hinder you from getting home with the best stained glass grinder. So, we have a sample top five best models in the above list; go through them and see if they suit your requirements.

Alongside the recommendations and reviews, the article also provides you with a detailed buying guide. It possesses features that you should consider when buying a suitable glass grinder for your daily projects. Choose wisely!