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Last Updated on March 12, 2021 by Cynthia A. Rose

When you have the right stump grinder, it becomes easy to get rid of an unsightly stump that is in your garden. This tool removes the stump easily from the garden, thus providing you with enough space in your yard for planting or covering it with turf. Therefore, knowledge on how to operate a stump grinder is crucial enough for homeowners.

However, removing this stubborn stump tree from the garden may not be as easy as you may think, especially when you don’t have the required tools. With safety equipment and proper instructions, you can efficiently operate your stump grinder without necessarily undergoing any training.

In this guide, we are going to discuss and show you how you can operate the stump grinder so that you can ensure enough space in your garden.

Steps when operating your stump grinder

1. Prepare thorough your working area

Before removing any tree stump from your garden, it is good to prepare the working site of your yard. Ensure to clear all the debris and rocks that are around from the base of the stump. Making your garden site is essential to prevent any damages to the grinder blades when you force them into hard stones or any debris.

Using a chainsaw, chop the stump to the required size that is suitable. You can cut the stump at around 100mm to avoid damaging the chainsaw above the ground. Besides, this cutting reduces the amount of work expected to do with your stump grinder. Make sure that you wear protective gear to be safe from any accident that may occur.

Usually, some of these safety gear includes a full-length shirt, pants, pair of glove that are sturdy, dust mask, and protective glasses for eyes. Additionally, ensure that you cordon off the working area so that pets and other people remain safe from far.

2. Move your stump grinder into position

Do you want to operate your stump grinder properly? Therefore, ensure that you have moved it closer to the stump position first you turn it on or using it. For comfortability, when using the stump grinder, you need to change the height of the machine handle that you will be holding. However, you should note that the depth and height changes with time; therefore, keep on adjusting the grip.

Do not change the position of the handle when the stump grinder is on. One of the two wheels of the stump grinder locks into place as the other one rotates regularly, which requires the operator to swing the machine to the top and grind at the base of any tree at the ground level. Ensure to lock the other wheel.

3. Grind part of the stump

The stump grinder has an ignition switch and a powerful lever that plays a very vital role in turning on the blender smoothly. It is good to engage the safety switch so that your stump grinder turns on. This is possible by either holding down from the lower or upper handle. Besides, for the machine to work effectively, keep the switch for safety depressed.

Next, sweep the blades of the grinder slowly over the stump while the machine is running. The stump gets smaller and smaller with every pass of the blade of your stump grinder. It is good enough to reposition your stump grinder once you drop down about 80mm.

4. Reposition your stump grinder

You can obtain your stump below the ground level by grinding lower. Unlock the stump grinder wheel and push the device forward until the blade is over the center of the stump. At this point, you can lock the wheel again and immediately adjust the handle of the stump to the appropriate height that you will be working with.

Keep on grinding the trunk until it reaches below the surface of your yard so that you end having enough and clear space.

5. Cover the area with enough soil

Lastly, you can switch the stump grinder off entirely by switching the ignition off and immediately move your stump grinder far away from the area. Use some debris from your grinding to fill the hole and add enough of some fresh soil. This is very crucial since it allows different plants to grow other than the stump in your garden.

Precautions when operating your stump grinder

While running your stump grinder, ensure the following;

(a) Adjust or control the handlebars so that it can fit your working condition.

(b) When you are unloading or loading the stump grinder from a trailer, make sure that the ramps are of the right bearing capacity with sufficient length to give the required angle for either loading or unloading. Besides, the slopes should remain attached to the trailer.

(c) Check whether the slope is on either the hill.

(d) Position your stump grinder correctly to the stump and engage the wheels as recommended by the manufacturer. You can as well increase the speed of the engine using the proper setting.

(e) Ensure that the working edge of the stump is vertical by working the cutting wheels using an arc across the stump.

(f) Check your stump grinder for any damages and conditions. Make sure that you have checked the requirements of the machine thoroughly and replace it immediately if you find any blunt.

(g) In case you notice any noise or extra vibrations emerging from the grinder, you can turn it off immediately and allow all of the moving parts to slow down ultimately. Take the key from the machine and promptly investigate the leading cause of the noise.

(h) To minimize the occurrence of any future erosion, you can leave the hole compacted and backfilled to reduce any trip hazards.


Have you seen how to operate a stump grinder efficiently without straining? Of course, it is simple. Therefore, make sure that you have the right tools if you want your garden to be precise. However, besides having the correct equipment, it is good to know and understand the precautions necessary before or after the operation.