Spice Lover? Learn How to Use a Spice Grinder

Last Updated on October 18, 2021 by Cynthia A. Rose

Do you prefer grinding your spices at home? Somehow yes. However, many people like visiting the nearby grocery store to obtain ready-made spices which are convenient for use. It is good to forget about the convenience and learn how to use a spice grinder so that to grind your spices.

Usually, spices play a vital role in our daily meals by adding flavor and taste to the food. Therefore, it is fantastic to know how you can use your grinder. In this guide, we are going to describe steps by step how you can make use of your spice grinder effectively so that you can prepare a delicious meal for your family and friends.

Spice Grinder – Quick Comparison

Steps on How to Use a Spice Grinder

1. Identify your spice grinder

Before grinding your spices, it is good to note that not all the grinders are suitable for use, especially when grinding spices. Some spices are smaller than others, and sometimes you need to grind even much fewer spices at a time. Therefore, it is essential to select a smaller spice grinder that has a capacity of about 0.5-1 cup.

However, if you choose a giant grinder, you may find it difficult to grind your spices effectively. While identifying your spice grinder, make sure to select the blender with the very sharp blade positioned nearer to the lower part of the blender. Sharp edges are useful, especially for grinding hard spices such as peppercorns.

Some fine and tiny seeds such as poppy seeds and celery seeds quickly ground with the blades on the bottom part of the grinder. The blades must be on the bottom part of your grinder so that to obtain tiny seeds when grinding. Therefore, when choosing a suitable grinder to use, it is good to consider the position of the blade.

2. Keep your grinder mainly for spices

Once you have identified your spice grinder, make sure to set it apart for only spices. Never make your spice grinder to multi-task since the coffee beans produce oil that coats the interior part of your spice grinder which changes the aroma of your spices completely.

Therefore, ensure to purely maintain the workability of your grinder by using it correctly in grinding your spices only.

3. Cool your spices before grinding them

If you are intending to roast your spices before the grinding process, make sure to allow them to get cold to avoid them from melting or warping on the interior part of your grinder impairing its workability. Besides, cooling is useful since it makes the spices very safe to handle during the process.

4. Pulse your spices

When you apply a lot of heat to your spices, they lose their flavor easily more quickly. Therefore, when you are grinding them, you need to pulse the spice grinder than holding the button down so that you can obtain a consistent grind. Why do you pulse the blender?

Good question, primarily, pulsing the grinder is essential so that to keep the blades of the grinder from leaching the flavor from the spices as well from overheating. The reason for obtaining a consistent grind is to heat the blade quickly at the same time, reducing the taste of your ground spices.

5. Store the unused ground spices

Once you are through with grinding your spices, some spices may remain behind unused, and therefore you should store them in the pantry for some weeks in case they are in a container that contains enough air. Besides, it is crucial to keep this unused ground spice away from direct sunlight and an oven so that you preserve the flavor.

However, note that the more time you keep the spices, the fewer flavors your spices will have. Therefore, never store them for a longer time.

6. Clean your spice grinder

This electric Spice grinder requires occasional cleaning like any other grinders once you finish grinding. Over a long time of using it, the cranny and nook absorb some dust with oil coating on the hopper and the chambers of the grinder. When not eradicated, the motor gets attacked with fine particles which makes it fail to work.

Therefore, cleaning your spice grinder is not a hectic process; however; you should use the following steps for proper cleaning.

  • Unplug your spice grinder by turning it off.
  • Next, you can remove the grinding chamber and the hopper and use a lint cloth to wipe them out completely so that you can remove all the oil and dust buildup. However, in case there are some stubborn residues of oil, you can use warm water and mild soap in cleaning them. Rinse them immediately as you dry it quickly so that the motor does not get wet, which may cause corrosion.
  • While the inner burr remains in place, you can gently remove the external burr by lifting it slowly until you lift it. The inner burr requires more time when removing it, and that is while it remains in place.
  • Clean all the parts of the grinder carefully, including the coffee particles, oils and specks of dust. You can clean any visible part that you can see and reach using a toothpick, brush, lint-cloth and compressed air.
  • Reassemble your spice grinder.

7. Store your spice grinder carefully

Usually, spices are flavorful and aromatic. So if you want to prevent any future contamination of the spices from the previous grinding, it is good to store your grinder without necessarily covering it with a lid. For proper storage, ensure that your mill is free from any residual and enrich in the air so that it can dry out any oil particles.


Now that you have gone through our guide above on how to use a spice grinder, it is right to say that using the grinder is not hectic unless you decide to complicate it. However, you should ensure that your spice grinder is clean and maintained well after use so that to obtain fresh taste and flavor. Therefore, get your grinder today and enjoy your cooking days.