Meat Grinder vs Food Processor: Which One to Choose?

Last Updated on October 17, 2021 by Cynthia A. Rose

Meat grinder and food processor are equally important for different kitchen purposes; therefore, it’s better to own them. However, there’s a debate on meat grinder vs food processor, which performs better, or what has the best features?

I love having meatballs and hamburgers at home; that’s why I prefer using a meat grinder because it delivers fine ground meat for making patties. On the other hand, a food processor may not provide the desired meat, but I use them to have fresh fruit juice or finely chopped vegetables.

Let’s find out the primary differences of these gadgets, including their advantages & drawbacks in this article to make it easier to choose either of them.

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What Is a Meat Grinder Used for: Know the Purpose

A meat grinder is specialized in pasting or preparing boneless flesh to make patties for burgers, steak, kebabs, or meatballs; you can put any other hard items in the machine. Nuts, seeds, or other tangible items can be crushed and made powder because the blades & plates are strong enough to chop them evenly.

You can put vegetables, fruits, squash, etc. fit well in a meat grinder; you have to get one of the best machines, such as the KitchenAid meat grinder.

What Is a Food Processor Used for: Find out the Usage

You can put meat, vegetables, cereals, fruits, or any food item to cut, slice, shred or blend them before cooking, but it chops the pieces into a larger shape, especially the meat. It works best to make a puree, paste, or dough; however, they also come in different shapes & sizes from various companies.

The food processor and meat grinder have almost the same mechanism & purposes; the processors are sometimes more versatile.

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Meat Grinder vs Food Processor: What Are the Differences Between Them?

Suppose you will grind meat for preparing some protein dish at home, and you’re confused about the differences between their performance; read the full segment to clear your doubts.

  • Meat grinder’s blades are even and attached to the plates, which deliver fine chopped fresh fibers and more appropriate raw materials for your dishes.

On the other hand, food processors are operated with circular blades; thus, they can’t chop the pieces evenly or finely grind them. It usually performs on average; some meat pieces are finely ground, and some are chopped in large shapes with semi-solid remaining.

  • The meat grinder produces juicy meat pieces because the processed meat contains more fat & flavor; on the other hand, if you want to enjoy a healthy dish, you should process the meat in a food processor.
  • If you think of the operating system, you should know that the meat grinder is relatively easy to operate; the food processor is also comfortable, but the grinder is more appropriate for beginners.

Therefore, you can score them equal based on the operating system; it’s better to have an instruction paper to know how to use them & grind or chop meat or other food items.

  • Both machines come in different sizes, especially the food processor has 3-basic sizes- large, compact & mini. You should get or use a large one if you want for business purpose or an occasion at home; you may use a compact or mini-sized processor for yourself.

On the contrary, many manufacturers provide different meat grinder sizes to choose according to your needs; the options are more versatile than the processors.

  • You may now think of the blade’s category in the food processor and meat grinder; you should keep the latter slightly ahead because it doesn’t cut anything by spinning.

However, you can change the blades on the grinder’s multiple plates at any time and have your items chopped per your wish.

On the other hand, the food processors use circular blades and chop the food items by spinning; it has fewer options to change the blades.

  • Moreover, another advantage a meat grinder has is it can hold more plates than a food processor; thus, you can use it while preparing a large amount of meat.

Therefore, you can see that a meat grinder provides you with more facilities, and you must get one if you need one; you can also keep the food processor if you want to make a paste or puree.

How to Use & Clean a Meat Grinder to Get the Perfect Result?

Let’s find out how will you clean & use your meat grinder to have correctly ground flesh with perfect texture and flavor; follow these steps:

  1. You may put some dry food items, such as feeding bread to soak the fat, oil, or grease from the machine’s parts; it becomes comfortable to clean the grinder after cleaning the oil.
  2. You have to unplug and detach the parts, and put the necessary parts into hot soapy water in the sink; please don’t put the electric parts to avoid water damage. After cleaning the meat grinder’s parts, you should rinse, or clean with a warm damp cloth; dry the parts immediately after cleaning.
  3. Rearrange the parts well and ensure that they are working well; you have to cut the boneless meat into cubic shapes and marinate them to grind, and it’s better to freeze them before grinding.
  4. Please put a bowl below the output line to hold the ground meat, and take something to push the meat to make it go, but don’t pressurize too much.
  5. You may run the meat paste one more time if you want to have better results; you may add more spices or other necessary items after preparing the ground meat.

How to Clean & Use Food Processor to Have Your Food Items

Let’s imagine a food processor, such as KitchenAid Food Processor, and know how to use it to grind meat and how to wash that after processing food:

  1. Please store your chopped meat in a refrigerator, and decrease the temperature because it’s better to put partially cold pieces into a food processor. However, you can divide the whole meat into some parts & process them one by one because it can’t take an excessive load.
  2. You can add the spices after preparing your raw meat, but you can add some baking soda to have more tender & juicy pieces. On the other hand, you don’t have to add anything if your preparing juice, puree, or chopped items from fruits & vegetables.
  3. Anyway, after you have prepared the food, you have to concentrate on cleaning the food processor; you must clean the blade’s particles to avoid clogs. Later, you must separate the other parts from the gadget (allowed) and clean them with warm water & detergent.
  4. Next, wipe the parts with soft & clean clothes right after washing them because it’s not fair to leave them wet; otherwise, bacteria can attack them. Those parts that can’t contact water should not be left alone, and you have to clean them with soft tissue or cloth.
  5. In the last step, you have to rearrange and attach the removable parts in their respective places and store it correctly; please follow the rules of washing & storing the processor given by the manufacturing brand.

Therefore, you can see that there’s no significant difference between using and cleaning food processor meat grinder; the variety is in their sizes, features, and advantages.

Meat Grinder or Food Processor: Which Is Better?

If you think of the total package and compare the two machines, you will find the grinder more profitable than the food processor, but that doesn’t mean the latter is not useful. In the end, the choice is upon you, and you may find any of these more useful; it varies due to different purposes.

For instance, you need to process your food item and make them semi-solid paste or liquid in small quantity; what will you buy? You can buy a mini-sized Cuisinart Food Processor because the brand provides the best ones, and you won’t need a large machine for a small quantity.

On the other hand, you should prefer a meat grinder if you want to prepare delicious steaks, burgers, sausage, or meatballs at home over a food processor; thus, everything depends on your necessity.

Frequently Asked Questions about Meat Grinder vs. Food Processor

Q: Is Food Processor the Same As Grinder?

A: No, the food processor and meat grinder are not the same because one is right at slicing and blending, and the other one presses, grinds, or crushes well. Moreover, you will find differences in the results of the two machines because of the blade’s variety and performance.

Q: Is a Meat Grinder Worth It?

A: A meat grinder is surely worth it if you buy it from a renowned brand and correctly use it because it provides you the perfect end results you want.

Q: Can I Use a Food Processor to Grind Chicken?

A: Yes, you can use a food processor unless you have a grinder at home; it may not deliver the satisfactory results as a grinder, but chunk the chicken’s soft fibers.

Q: Can You Grind Vegetables in a Meat Grinder?

A: You can use a meat grinder to grind vegetables as well, though, it’s specialized to have ground meat; you have to set the blades & plates according to the size.


The Meat grinder vs Food processor debate will never end, but you must know the operating systems & the vital differences to select or use them quickly. However, please make sure that you’re getting the appliance from a well-known brand & you are following the steps.

I hope the article was useful for you, and it could deliver fundamental knowledge about the essential gadget of your daily life.