Lem 8 Meat Grinder Reviews | .35 HP

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Nowadays, many people desire to own meat grinders, but due to the various options available at the market, it is hectic to tell which one to choose and leave. But with the existence of LEM meat grinder brands, you cannot regret it anymore. Lem products are the best and most popular grinders to satisfy your kitchen needs.

Notably, the main reason for LEM invention was to save energy and time when preparing ground meat for sausage as well as other dishes. Thus, from my research, you can agree with me that the LEM grinder is the most affordable choice for many consumers. Therefore, if you intend to get your best, then Lem 8 meat grinder reviews will be the best guide when making a decision.

Lem 8 meat grinder reviews

If you intend to look for a meat grinder machine, then you have to get from Lem product. Why only from Lem? Nice question.  Lem produces meat choppers that are suitable for commercial and home uses and capable of helping the user to achieve fantastic output. In this LEM meat grinder review, we are going to review one of the best LEM products to make the right choice when purchasing.

LEM Products W779A Stainless Steel Big Bite Electric #8- Meat Grinder (.35-HP)

Lem 8 Meat Grinder Reviews

This LEM product stainless steel big electric meat grinder is the best size grinder suitable for grinding deer. It is swift and capable of grinding approximately 7 pounds in one mine. The brand features the stainless housing motor that consists of steel and metal gears that have roller bearings with a handle made of heavy-duty responsible for easy moving.

It also comes with a 110V with motor lubricated permanently, a coarse 3/8 stainless steel and fine 3/16 plates for grinding, three stuffing tubes of  1, ½ and 1-3/8 respectively, meat stomper as well as one stuffing plate. Besides the above features of Lem products, the stainless steel bite electric meat grinder also has a lifetime factory warranty limited to 5 years to support customers in case of any difficulties in operation or damages.

The product comes with certification from ETL to UL standard certified, and it is lightweight since it weighs 36 pounds. The presence of exclusive technology in this model helps the auger in taking a large bite of the meat while moving it to the head of the grinder quickly compared to the rest of the grinders.

Additionally, with Lem product, you are capable of grinding large pieces of the meat quickly without necessarily clogging up your machine. This makes it suitable for use by many homeowners. The company is highly passionate when it comes to innovation in processing.

The product also features a new rifled design head with a big bite advanced technology, which plays a vital role in offering high superior second grinding as it virtually eliminates stomping and, at the same time, improves the stuffing function of the sausage. This brand is highly the best and trusted by many users of its relatively more extended warranty of five years.

Accordingly, Lem product has nowadays simplified much work at home as it makes it easy when it comes to meat grinding. Usually, the company delivers very high-quality equipment for meat processing, jerky making, meat grinders as well as vacuum sealers with the required supplies for meat processors and the hunter at home.

The products are crucial for use by everyone from the restaurants, butchers, and other homeowners used for preparing delicious sausage, jerky as well as other delicious meat products. Besides, Lem product ensures that they have close control in terms of the healthy content of the food which you provide to your friends and family.

Before the company issues any product to consumers, they first ensure that they have carried proper and renowned research based on the need of an individual consumer and at the same time translate it to the products which enable the hunters to save both money and time.

Also, the meat grinder is handy for many restaurants and hunters with a powerful vacuum sealer that is essential enough to handle the regular sealing required by all fishermen. Furthermore, the model consists of slicers, and dehydrators made for those meat processors that like preparing deli-thin and jerky meat.

Therefore, if you require a stuffing sausage device, a meat grinder, slicer, seasoning, casings, food storage, solutions of freezer storage, and dehydrators, Lem Company always delivers high-quality products that you will still like. Usually, the main objective of this company is to ensure the provision of quality products, which makes the preparation of food fun and easy.

Furthermore, they ensure customer support with guaranteed satisfaction as well as end-to-end service delivery. Let us look now at the feature from the above LEM #8 meat grinder reviews, as highlighted below.

Highlighted features

  • Induction motor
  • Capacitor with a start and run button
  • ETL certified
  • 110 volts motor
  • Hole in the head
  • five-year lifetime warranty
  • roller bearing
  • all-metal gear
  • circuit breaker
  • one meat stomper
  • two stainless stuffing plate
  • stainless steel knife
  • heavy duty handle
  • three stuffing tubes

Lem 8 Meat Grinder Reviews

  • has a perfect size for grinding deer
  • quick grinding at a rate of seven pounds in one minute
  • the heavy-duty handle facilitates natural movements
  • has a lifetime warranty limited to five years thus useful to motivate customers
  • the presence of big bite technology enables the auger to smash a large bite of the meat as well moving it to the head of the grinder quickly
  • does not form clog to the machine when grinding the meat
  • the rifled design of the head provides a superior second grind and improves the stuffing function of the sausage
  • it makes the processing of home meat easy and simple
  • the company delivers high-quality equipment thus lasting for an extended period of time
  • The extensive research enables the user to get products of their preferences.
  • powerful vacuum sealer that ensures the fishermen get the regular sealing that they require
  • excellent customer services with guaranteed satisfaction
  • it is cumbersome thus hinders movement from one place to another

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where are LEM meat grinders made?

A: Lem product is usually an e-commerce firm in West Chester; they deliver very high-quality meat processing with jerky-making tools and supply them to the hunter and any other home processor at a cheap price.

Q: Are Lem grinders any good?

A: The unit grinder is very heavy, which, of course, is a crucial aspect meaning the metal is likely to last for an extended period of time. Once you remove the head, meat pan, or the auger of the grinder, the weight of the mill reduces by about 10 pounds making it easier to handle.

Q: Where can I get LEM pie filling?

A: LEM is a special kind of the lemon filling that is available in nearby stores and other shops. Usually, it is different compared to the regular pie filling.

Q: What is a jerky gun used for?

A: The heavy-duty system of the jerky gun usually handles the ground meat like the charm. Using the gun with lean, load the barrel season ground meat and immediately shoot out the flat strips of jerky. The barrel is capable of holding about 3/4lbs of the flesh. Next, you can use your oven to dry the jerky gun for about two and a half hours.

It is safe to place the Lem grinder parts in the dishwasher. The grinding discs are made of stainless steel and can be washed on the top shelf of the dishwasher. Be sure to remove any large pieces of food from the discs before placing them in the dishwasher.

The other parts of the grinder can also be placed in the dishwasher. However, it is important to clean off any food residue from the grinder housing and motor shaft. This can be done with a damp cloth.

Wrapping Up

Having gone through our LEM 8 meat grinder reviews, we hope that you have gotten enough information to enable you to make the right decision when selecting your best. However, because of a variable number of meat grinders in the market, we advise that you choose the best device that provides longevity and firm performance.