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Are you not tired of buying stored ground meat? Sometimes you may experience health issues resulting from consuming ground meat stored over a long period. Worry no more; here is Lem 5 meat grinder to solve your stress completely. Getting tired is obvious because you use a lot of energy.

LEM products meat grinders have the right package for you.  LEM big bite grinder 5 is less expensive, less noisy, and small in size, and it is suitable to handle smaller grinding jobs in your kitchen.

Therefore, in this article, I am going to provide you with all information you would need to know about this meat grinder.

LEM Products Stainless Steel Big Bite Electric Meat Grinder

Lem 5 Meat Grinder

LEM Products big bite grinder 5 is another LEM product that is compact, making it suitable for smaller grinding jobs. It has metallic gears containing roller bearings. Also, this model features 0.35 horsepower to increase grinding speed.

More so, this grinder has a large meat tray for easy grinding and stuffing, eliminating the role of meat stompers.

This model also comes with a heavy-duty handle that you hold while grinding. The handle features a stainless steel construction to ensure the safety of the machine when moving it from one place to another. This machine is also capable of handling chicken bones.

This meat grinder’s motor is made of stainless steel for permanence and increases grinding speed and efficiency. The grinder’s motor has a wattage of 180 and a 120V motor that is permanently lubricated to reduce noise while grinding.

More so, the machine’s motor is housed by stainless steel to enhance an enduring build and sturdiness. This meat grinder weighs about 32 pounds and can grind the meat up to around 4 pounds of meat within an hour.

Furthermore, this model comes with big bite technology that enables the auger to pull larger pieces of meat. Also, this feature makes this model unique from other grinders of the same purpose in the market.

Furthermore, this machine can grind coarse meat cuts at very high speed without clogging.

Besides, this machine comes with a meat stomper for forcing massive meat cuts into the auger to keep your hands safe from small cuts and scratches.

Other accessories that this machine comes with are three stuffing tubes to prepare a variety of sausages, a stainless knife, and 2 grinding plates and a stuffing plate.

LEM big bite grinder 5 comes with a full warranty of five years that provides customers with lifetime support. This machine is also ETL approved, enabling you to prepare quality ground meat.

Furthermore, this machine has an inbuilt circuit breaker to shut down the unit when electricity faults or clogging happens.

Features of Lem 5 Meat Grinder

  • Circuit breaker

LEM big bite grinder 5 has an inbuilt circuit breaker to shut down the machine when clogging or faults from electricity occurs.

  • Sturdy design

The grinder’s housing consists of stainless steel. This makes it durable and firm.

  • Cutting plates

Also, this model meat grinder comes with two plates that have different sizes to handle the meat of coarse or fine quantity.

  • Metallic gears

This grinder comes with metallic gears surrounded by bearings that made of stainless steel material to increase the machine’s grinding speed. Stainless steel ensures the durability of the gears.

  • Stuffing tubes

LEM big bite grinder five also comes with three stuffing tubes of different sizes to enable you to prepare a variety of sausages.

  • Lubricated motor

More so, this electric meat grinder consist of a motor that is permanently lubricated to enhance the longevity of the grinder.

  • Warranty

LEM big bite grinder 5 also comes with a warranty of 5 years from the factory. This means that customers can enjoy excellent services while using the grinder for five years.

  • Certifications

This machine is also ETL approved, enabling you to prepare quality meat for your family.

  • Heavy-duty handle

The grinder also has a heavy-duty handle that is useful in holding the unit while grinding and ensure easy movement of the grinder from one place to another.

  • Meat tray

This meat grinder has a large stainless steel meat pan to enable the machine to take a big bite of meat.

  • Meat stomper

This is another accessory that comes with the grinder. A stomper is usually used to force large bouncing meat into the auger. It is advisable to use this tool than using your bare hands.

  • Weight

This grinder weighs about 32 pounds

Lem 5 Meat Grinder

  • stainless steel construction
  • Metallic gears for longevity
  • Large meat tray
  • Compact design
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Inbuilt circuit breaker
  • Durable
  • Less noisy
  • Quite heavy

 Buyers guide on LEM big bite grinder 5

Below are some of the factors to consider when planning a purchase an electric meat grinder that is ideal for home and commercial use


Before buying a meat grinder, try to consider the accessories that will accompany the machine.  LEM big bite grinder 5 comes with various accessories that make it work amazingly.

Some of these accessories are a large meat tray, stuffing tubes, stuffing plates, stainless steel knife, cutting plates, etc. therefore, look for a grinder with many accessories to ease your grinding process.


There are small and bulky meat grinders in the market, and therefore, you should choose a grinder depending on the space you have in your kitchen. LEM big bite grinder 5 is small and compact enough to fit in your small kitchen. Therefore, it will not take too much of your space.


This is another factor I guess you should consider. Grinders with features like circuit breakers, heavy-duty handles, and meat stompers are the best for you. Therefore, buying a LEM big bite grinder 5 will not be a wrong decision.

Circuit breaker automatically shuts the machine when clogging happens. The massive handle is for easy movement of the grinder from one place to another while a meat stomper meant for pushing large meats into the grinder.


This factor depends on the material used to manufacture the meat grinder you are planning to purchase. For our case, LEM big bite grinder 5 is still the best because it is housing, plates, meat tray, knife, and gears made of stainless steel material.

This material makes the grinder to be more durable. Therefore, don’t choose grinders with many plastic parts. LEM big bite grinder 5 remains your perfect choice.


This is the major factor you should consider before getting a meat grinder for yourself. Sometimes people have a fixed budget. Due to this reason, you have to buy a meat grinder that will not dry your pocket.

Therefore, LEM meat grinder is the best choice for you because it is not expensive compared to other heavy grinders in the market. Get this machine and enjoy fresh and quality meals.

Frequently Asked questions

Q: What is a big bite of technology?

A: Big bite technology enables the auger to pull extra larger pieces of meat through the grinder head faster compared to other grinders.

Q: What else can you use a meat grinder for?

A: Apart from grinding meat, meat grinders also are used to handle other tasks like making sausages, grinding bones, grinding vegetables, preparing cookie dough, and making burgers.

Q: What should I look for when buying a meat grinder?

A: Warranty and durability are the major factors you should consider before buying a meat grinder. Durability is an assurance that your machine will be long-lasting.

Q: Are Lem grinders any good?

A: YES. This is because they are made of stainless steel to enhance the durability of the grinder. Also, when you remove the grinder’s auger, meat tray, head, etc. reduces the grinder’s weight and therefore moving it is very easy.


LEM 5 meat grinder is ideal for home use because it is suitable to handle small grinding jobs in your kitchen. As I have discussed above, this model comes with stuffing tubes and grinding plates to provide you with finely ground meat and sausages.

If you have been experiencing problems with frozen ground meat, take this machine to be an appropriate solution to your health issues.

More so, many consumers of this model praise it because of its metallic body design. I believe by now, and you have full knowledge about LEM big bite grinder 5. Therefore, clear your doubts by purchasing this electric meat grinder.