LEM 32 Meat Grinder Products – 1.5 HP Electric Meat Grinder

Last Updated on October 18, 2021 by Cynthia A. Rose

Do you need an electric meat grinder of high quality to manage big tasks? You can select many but choose what pleases you. Here is a lem 32 meat grinder from the Lem brand that is doing well in the market. This machine is the device for you since it is the most powerful and the fastest one under Big Bite grinders.

You will not be disappointed when using this machine because it saves on time, handles big meats, and hence it is useful for commercial purposes. Also, the lem 32 meat grinder is durable in that it will serve you for an extended period.

Therefore, don’t hesitate to buy this meat grinder. Below is the full detail containing grinder’s description, pros, cons, features, buyers guide, frequently asked questions, and conclusion.

LEM Product Stainless Steel Big Bite Electric Meat Grinder

Lem 32 meat grinder

Despite falling among the most expensive stainless steel grinders, lem meat grinders are durable.

Many customers express their experience with grinders from different companies. Still, they can attest that it is better to have one meat grinder of high quality than having various cheaper models.

Therefore, lem 32 meat grinder is expensive, but when it comes to quality, it is the best. More so, this meat grinder is significant and therefore achieving value, well-built, sturdy, and reliable kitchen appliances.

Furthermore, Lem meat grinder 32 is ETL certified utilizing 1100 watts and a voltage of 120 volts/60 HZ. This provides enough power for the grinder to grind large meats at a very high speed.

Also, the grinder comes with three stainless steel plates of different sizes to enable the grinder to handle large, beautiful, and medium production of sausages. More so, lem grinder has metallic gears that contain roller bearings to ensure permanence and high performance of the grinder.

More so, some of the machine’s parts made of stainless steel. These parts are; motor, meat pan, head, and the whole body of the grinder. This feature makes the machine remain in service for an extended period.

Also, it comes with three different sized stuffing tubes that help the machine to handle sausages of various sizes. More so, this meat grinder has an inbuilt circuit breaker to ensure the protection of the motor when overheating occurs.

Overheating may be realized as a result of overload; therefore, this circuit breaker ensures the safety and smooth performance of the unit.

This machine comes with big bite technology; its auger is suitable to pull the meat into the grinder’s head quickly and firmly, therefore, fastening the grinding process.

Also, this grinder has a firm handle, which is heavy-duty to aid in moving the machine wherever you wish. The handle is firm because the device is heavy. This means that when handling it, be careful, or otherwise, you may decide to station it at a specific place permanently.

Lem 32 meat grinder is a high-quality machine, heavy-duty making it suitable to handle the meat of large quantities quickly. It can handle up to about 17 lbs of meat within an hour.

The lem meat grinder functions at a very high speed because it combines a powerful motor with heavy-duty nature. Therefore, this machine is useful in commercial scenarios.

Features of LEM 32 meat grinder

Metal gears

Have metal gears containing roller bearings for longevity and high performance of the machine.

Powerful motor

It has a powerful motor that is lubricated permanently to ensure the permanence of the grinder.

Footmark of the grinder

When this grinder is fully assembled, it measures about 12” L X 19” W X 24” H., so this should concern you before buying it you should try to assess your kitchen space first. This is because the machine is big and weighs about 75 pounds; hence you may decide to leave it in one place permanently.

Stainless steel design

Some of this grinder’s parts consist of stainless steel material. These parts include; the auger, meat pan, head, and finally, the entire body of the machine. This makes the grinder durable and heavy-duty.

Stuffing tubes

Lem 32 grinder has three stuffing tubes designed in different sizes enabling it to handle sausages of various sizes.

Firm handle

The machine has a heavy-duty handle to help you when moving the grinder safely and comfortably. Handling the device with great care reduces damages because it’s heavy.

Large meat tray

Lem meat grinder comes with a large meat tray, which is significant than usual, ensuring a faster grinding process.


It is Equipped with big bite technology to quickly and firmly pull the meat into the head of the grinder.

Inbuilt-circuit breaker

This meat grinder is equipped with an inbuilt-circuit breaker to protect the machine during overheating.

Lem 32 meat grinder

  • Easy to clean
  • Spacious enough to reach internal parts
  • Suitable for handling small bones
  • Quick when handling boneless meat
  • Drag meat firmly to grinder
  • You can wash stainless steel parts using your hands.
  • This leads to Clogging as a result of small feeding tubes.

Buyers guide on LEM 32 meat grinder

For you to buy a grinder that suits your needs, there are factors to consider before reaching your buying decision. These factors include;


Generally, electric meat grinders are always more massive than manual ones. These grinders have numbers to indicate their size.

To understand the meaning of these numbers, it is good to understand the number on the body of your grinder indicates the plate’s diameter.

Therefore, this lem 32 meat grinder is big, occupying a more extensive space. So, before buying it, you should be sure about the area available in your kitchen.


When buying a meat grinder, it is good to know what material is the machine made of; this will ensure that it last long in service. So, stainless steel is the most known material because of its durability. Therefore purchasing 32 meat grinders will save you from buying mills of low quality.

Moto power

Before buying a meat grinder, you should consider its motor power. Big machines require more potent enough to handle products of a larger amount.

Therefore, a lem  meat grinder is a big machine with a large motor to handle big grinding jobs for you. Purchase it, and you will not regret it.

Grinding capacity

This factor depends on the buyer’s preferences. If you are indenting to handle a large number of bones and meat, then lem meat grinders remains the best for you.

This machine is more significant, containing different stuffing tubes to handle the meat of various sizes. It would be best if you doubted this machine. Get it, and you will be smiling in your kitchen.


This is another crucial factor to look at when purchasing a meat grinder. Any meat grinder with an above one year warranty is worthy. Lem meat grinder comes with 5 years warranty, and therefore long term service is assured. Why should you neglect it? Buy and try this heavy-duty machine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can meat grinders operate for a long period?

A: The answer is No. This is because meat grinders are only built to operate during the grinding period using the time for grinding process and not running much longer. The meat grinder will overheat if it runs continuously for hours.

Q: Can one use meat grinders to grind bones?

A: The answer is YES, but it will depend on the bone type. Soft bones are considered to be the most compatible with meat grinders. These bones might be either from deer, chicken, rabbis, or ducks. Furthermore, for success grinding, ensure that your bones are cold.

Q: How can one clean his/her meat grinder?

A: If you want to clean your meat grinder, begin by grinding a few slices of bread as this will remove all residual products. The next step is to disassemble your machine into its parts, then immerse and wash metal parts one-by-one in warm water with soap.

After finishing this step, dry it using a dry cloth or towel the oil the parts to prevent rusting. The last step is to collect all the parts and fix them to their specific positions.


Among the best LEM products, LEM 32 meat grinder is a very high-quality machine. The great advantage of this machine is that it can grind meat of various sizes because of its three stuffing tubes that are of different sizes.

This feature makes the machine suitable for both small scale and large scale sausage production in that it can produce meat that can serve all your buyers. Lem meat grinder has got you covered.

When this machine disappoints you, please return it to the company for exchange or refund. This is an additional advantage.