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Last Updated on December 11, 2022 by Cynthia A. Rose

Everyone loves grinding different spices at home. But with time, some dust and oil that result from beans build up in your mill, which requires regular cleaning. However, many homeowners of the grinder do not know how to clean a spice grinder properly. Therefore, if you want to maintain your spices fresh and tasting, ensure to clean the grinder regularly.

In the cleaning process, you can clean the blades using damp cloth and rice. Besides, the blade grinder, you can as thoroughly clean a burr grinder so that to remove the burrs using any dry cloth and a vacuum. Therefore, in this guide, I am going to guide you step by step that you can follow to ensure general hygiene to your grinder.

Cleaning of a blade grinder

Below are some of the tactics you should follow when cleaning the blade grinder for your spices.

  • Measure about 54ml uncooked rice to the grinder

Get one packet of white rice from any nearby grocery store, or at the same time, and you can use any available rice in your house. For cleaning purposes, make sure that you use only white rice. Depending on the size of your spice grinder, you can measure about 59ml-79ml. Immediately you measure the rice. You can pour it into your blender. When cleaning your spice grinder, never use water at all since it may make your grinder to rust.

  • Run your spice grinder for about 60s

Turn the power on once you plug your grinder in the socket. Remember to turn on the grinder blade and allow it to your white rise for 30 seconds to a maximum of one minute. The ground rice plays a vital role in cleaning the grinder through soaking the residue and oil that remains in your blender during the grinding process.

  • Dump out your rice flour

To achieve this, you need first to unplug the grinder and turn it off immediately. You can take off a detachable hopper from the base if it has one. However, it at the entire mill does not have a removable hopper; you can remove the whole grinder trash dump, you can as well dump your rice flour towards. The rice flour from the grinder may not be useful for consumption since it contains some old residue of coffee.

  • Use a damp cloth in wiping down your grinder

Get warm water with a towel paper that is damp and keenly wipe down slowly the interior part of the grinder. You must be careful enough not to injure yourself when cleaning the grinder blades because they are very sharp. Once you finish wiping, you can rinse towel paper and repeat wiping the grinder two or more times if necessary.

While you are wiping down the grinder, avoid making the mill wet since the moisture may remain inside the blender. Therefore, you should ensure that your cloth is moist enough so that it can wipe up the flour that remains behind.

  • Allow your grinder to get dry completely

Make sure that you allow your grinder to dry enough. Note that you should not use it in grinding while when wet. You can as well use a cloth to dry it and expose it to air so that to get dry completely before using it again. Besides, if you want to prevent the moisture from getting into the grinder, you can dry your mill in the upside-down direction.

Apart from the blade grinder, you also learn how to clean the burr grinder, as shown below.

Steps in cleaning your burr grinder

  • Blow air into the interior of the grinder

You can make use of wand attachment in cleaning out your spice grinder. Unplug your grinder and immediately set close to it a vacuum. Put the wand around the hopper and the burrs so that you can remove away any available dust from the coffee.

For instance, when your vacuum contains multiple attachments, you can use the one that has a narrow end, which will help you to obtain the crannies and nooks from the grinder. Additionally, instead of sucking the dust out using the vacuum, you can as well use a compressed air can is blowing the dust out away from your grinder.

In case you are hurrying, or you lack a vacuum, you can blow the grinder in for sometimes so that you can dislodge any grounds that remain behind. However, you should ensure that nothing gets into your eyes while blowing.

  • Wash the hopper with your hand once removed

If the grinder consists of a removable hopper, you can extract it from the grinder and wash it using your hands separately with soap and warm water. To get the soap residue out completely, ensure that you rinse it continuously before deciding to reuse it again. Give the hopper time to settle upside down for complete dryness.

  • Take out one burr

Most of the spice grinders come with either an outer or inner burr, which is easy to remove. You can use equipment that comes with the grinder in removing this burr. If you don’t have the skill on how to remove it, you can refer to the manual guide. Remove any burr that is easy to come out.

  • Use a toothbrush in scrubbing the burr grinder

Carefully scrub the entire parts of your spice grinder using a brush or toothbrush specifically meant for grinder cleaning. Start by scrubbing the burr which you removed then clean the other one left in the blender. Ensure that the brush you are using consists of stiff bristles and not metals since the metal bristles impairs with the efficiency of the burr grinder.

  • Use a dry rag in wiping the inner part of the grinder

Take a washcloth that is dry and clean and immediately start wiping the entire grinder parts. Carefully wipe the burr slowly and the catcher where most of the spiced ground falls. Never try to use damp rag in cleaning the grinder because the parts of the metal may cause corrosion, especially when moisture falls into them.

Final Words

It is good to ensure that you clean your spice grinder regularly before you use it. However, if you are using your blender daily, it is good to clean it at least once every week. In case you are using the grinder once in a week, then consider cleaning it at least once in a month. Now that you know how to clean a spice grinder, you can be sure of enjoying your food taste all the time.