Do You Love Kief? See How to Get Kief Out of Grinder

Last Updated on May 25, 2022 by Cynthia A. Rose

If you are stuck on how to get Kief out of the grinder, then you have all the reasons to smile in this post. Sometimes, scrapping your mill using a knife may not be the best way of collecting your Kief out of the grinder. Therefore, no matter the difficulties it is, there are several ways that you can use to get your Kief quickly from the mill.

In this article, we are going to learn some of the ways you can use to enable to correct Kief by using a grinder for making Kief

Ways of getting your Kief out of the grinder

Method 1:

First, you need to stick the grinder into the freezer until the trichomes get cold enough by turning brittle. Once your blender gets cold and friendly, the trichomes usually break off on the metal as it collects inside the chamber of Kief. If you want at all to get more and enough trichomes, then you can allow your grinder to stay in the freezer for a long time.

However, if your Kief gets stuck to reaching some problematic areas that you may not enter, then you can follow the following tricks.

(a) Make sure that you remove what you can from the grinder. How is this possible? It is simple. Identify a coin that can suit completely inside the middle chamber where the ground weed ends too. Depending on the size of your grinder, ensure that there is enough space for it to move around comfortably.

(b) Next, you can put the grinder and immediately place it into the refrigerator. Also, depending on how quickly your refrigerator is in getting cold together with the size of your blender, allow your grinder to stay inside the freezer for about half an hour or so.

(c) At this point, ensure that you have shaken the bejeezus out from your grinder. The coin, in this case, plays a significant role in acting like a jackhammer, where it vibrates the Kief from the walls of the mill with a lot of impacts. After shaking, remove the coin by opening up your grinder and try to check the amount of Kief remaining in the collection chamber.

(d) Once you have completed the steps above, you can tap the grinder flat onto the table or on your palm. The impact makes some Kief lose from the grinder and caught on the screen display that collects the Kief onto the tray neatly. This plays a significant role in ensuring that no formation of sticky hash grommets on the lip of the grinder that may harden the opening and closing of your mill.

(e) Use enough dish soap in cleaning and washing your coin. The oil which is in the coin usually binds with your Kief, making it stick on the coin and more useless.

Method 2:

The alternative way of getting your Kief out of the grinder is by taking your blender aside before placing it closer to the jar of alcohol. Make sure that you swish the pieces of the Kief carefully around the pot before allowing them to settle for some time. You can use alcohol to remove your Kief from the grinder comfortably.

Once it has settled for some time, you can as well grab the alcohol before putting it into the Pyrex dish. Remember to allow the alcohol content to evaporate from your dish until you remain with only the Kief from your grinder. Before topping Kief off the bowl, it is advisable to do some scrapping with it so that you can directly smoke it. But, before smoking your Kief, make sure that the alcohol content evaporates completely.

After collecting your Kief, you can smoke it directly in a joint, or you may smoke it from a bowl while putting in mind that it burns up at high speed. However, the majority of people sprinkle some Kief on their marijuana while mixing them with tobacco.

Uses of Kief

1. Creating Hash

The first step when you are making hash requires you to extract Kief. Usually, the hash is a vital Kief heated so that to create a very softball. When you begin by applying pressure and heat to form your Kief, the resin gets damaged, resulting in a change in its components. At times, when exposed to intense pressure, the color changes and darkens completely.

2. Add it to your coffee

Those people who love Kief, like sprinkling it into the coffee that they are using. When added to the boiling water, it usually decarboxylates it completely hence no need to put them into an oven. Sometimes, when added to your tea, you can measure one milligram for every 6 ounces of the liquid. However, it depends on how you want to enjoy it. The most convenient way is to purchase a coffee grinder for weed. This will allow you to grind coffee and weed both.

3. Making moonrocks

Have you ever tried using moonrocks? If not, then you are missing out a lot. Moonrocks are cheap and incredibly high alternatives to the concentrates. To achieve this, you need to heat marijuana oil while coating your buds with it. While the buds are warm, sprinkle the Kief onto them until they harden.  Once they harden, use your hands to break them as you sprinkle them into a bowl.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you gather Kief?

A: It is simple. Put your buds on the upper chamber where there are teeth as you turn your grinder continuously. When it breaks the buds up, they keep on falling into the middle layer as it loses the pollen Kief or crystals. With time, the Kief builds up; thus, you collect it immediately.

Q: How do you make a large amount of Kief?

A: To get a large Kief, start by shaking your grinder vigorously down, up, and side to side. The dry ice starts to freeze off the trichomes and then falls to the bag hence leaving you behind with a pile of finer Kief. Keep on repeating for 30 to 45 minutes.

Conclusion of How to Get Kief Out of Grinder

After you have gone through our guide above on how to get Kief out of the grinder, we hope you are now capable of collecting your Kief efficiently. All that you need is a grinder, and you begin the steps. Therefore, I hope that you have gotten insight information that will satisfy your needs as far as Kief is concerned.