I Know You Love Kief, is it? Then Learn How to Make Kief With a Grinder

Last Updated on August 4, 2022 by Cynthia A. Rose

Kief is also referred to us a dry sift. It is usually a marijuana extract that contains a resin gland or the trichomes found mostly on the flowers of cannabis. Beside, Kief consists of tiny and hairlike structures which give cannabis flower its unique features. Therefore, it is crucial to know how to make Kief with a grinder.

Kief is one of the valuable substances among cannabis since it consists of THC, whose content has very high concentration compared to others. However, the technique of making it sometimes becomes hectic for many users. Therefore, in our article, we are going to discuss the steps involved for you to obtain Kief using your grinder.

Since Kief comes from cannabis extraction, it is good to understand first some of the suitable solvents used in making this cannabis extract.

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Necessary solvents for making cannabis extracts

Several solvents play a vital role in making cannabis flower extract that is useful in obtaining Kief. However, below are some of the best three solvents for these purposes.

1. Alcohol

Most of the people usually like using alcohol solvent in obtaining super-concentrated Simpson oil.  However, in some areas, using alcohol in extracting cannabis is highly illegal due to the significant risks of fire involved. Others use alcohol indoors, which may bring explosion risk as well as lung damages, which results from the vapors.

Therefore, people who use this method get lots of injuries in the process since they set themselves on to the fire. Usually, some typical alcohol strength does not work correctly since it requires 151 alcohol proofs that are very illegal in most of the states.

2. Carbon iv oxide

CO2 is beneficial in making both the concentrates and extracts. If you use it in making extract, then it is called supercritical carbon dioxide extraction. It is an essential process since it separates various compounds using carbon dioxide solvents. This solvent of CO2 has a very high temperature, which decreases between the gaseous, liquids, and solid phases.

These states of gaseous, liquids, and solids play a significant role in breaking down cannabinoids hence separating them. Carbon dioxide requires the use of exceptional training and equipment in handling them. When using a closed-loop system, the extraction involves the use of material with high pressure done correctly for safety.

In some areas, they make the use of CO2 to be illegal at the same time with some hydrocarbons. Therefore if you intend to use carbon dioxide, supercritical extraction must confirm from the local government since it might be illegal. Also, ensure to undergo some training for you to use this equipment since if handled poorly, they may lead to death.

3. Hydrocarbons

When you are using hydrocarbons solvents for the extraction of cannabis flowers, it is good to have the proper equipment. You carry the process either in open or closed-loop material for extraction. However, when carrying the process at open-loop, be careful enough since it is hazardous even to the experienced extractors. This system of open-loop seems to be cheap, but it has caused several fatalities because of their explosions.

On the other hand, closed-loop is the safest system to use in extracting cannabis from hydrocarbons. However, they are costly in terms of price. The producers should also ensure to have a proper blast-proof surrounding where they carry their extraction. Therefore, you can pick your appropriate solvent to come up with your cannabis extract.

Now, let us look at the steps involved in coming up with the best Kief using the grinder for Kief.

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Steps in making Kief using a grinder

1. Coin

Begin by emptying your Kief from the easily detachable grinder. Next, get a coin that fits in the interior part of the middle chamber of the mill. You can make use of a dime which is suitable since it does not smell and it has a small size as compared with that of copper. However, for large grinders, ensure to select a very heftier coin.

Besides, it is good to ensure that the coin you choose has enough room to move around comfortably within the grinder by shaking it slightly and listen to hear whether the coin can move around in the inner part of the mill easily when shaken.

2. Chill

Once you get the perfect size of the coin, next, you can reassemble the grinder and place it into the freezer. This process is very crucial since cannabis trichomes usually change into brittle, especially when put to the cold condition, thus separating them easily from the metals and walls of the grinder you are using.

You can allow your assembled parts of the grinder to stay overnight within the freezer. When you wake up the next morning, it obtains the perfect temperature, which will enable you to extract the sweet Kief out of the grinder. That temperature will facilitate easy steps in removing and getting the Kief.

3. Shake

You can shake and shake well all the bejeezus out of your grinder. You can try to imagine if your mill has a Polaroid camera where you are supposed to shoot about 3000 outcast videos. Ensure to shake it thoroughly. Now give the coin time by allowing it to bounce within the grinder as if it is a fry caught that is in a lampshade.

When done well, you will probably see your coin hitting the cold-Kief inside your grinder hence dislodging the stubborn Kief immediately from the walls of your blender.

4. Obtain your Kief

Now you can open the grinder comfortably and immediately remove the coin so that you can observe how much Kief that you will obtain from the collection chamber. If you carried your job carefully, be sure of collecting the best out of the grinder. Once you have your Kief, ensure to store your blender for Kief in a dark and cold place using a container.


For sure, if you have never tried to make your own Kief at home, then take action immediately because you are missing a lot. Now that you know how to make Kief with a grinder, it is recommendable to take into consideration all the measures from the manufacturer to avoid any fatalities.