Do You Like Using A Meat Grinder? Learn How Does A Meat Grinder Work

Last Updated on December 11, 2022 by Cynthia A. Rose

One of the essential kitchen appliances for the preparation of delicious meat is a meat grinder. I know your question is, how does a meat grinder work?  For sure, a good number of people who use the meat grinder do not have proper knowledge of how it works. However, apart from meat, you can use the grinder to grind other different types of meals.

Therefore, this article gives a clear elaboration on how the meat grinder works so that you can make use of it to obtain ground meat. A meat grinder has essential components. So, let’s have a look at these parts.

Parts of the meat grinder

Understanding these essential components on the grinder is crucial, especially when using it for effective grinding.

Feeding tube

It is a tube found on the lower part of the meat tray. The feeding tube is substantial and attached to the meat tray and also with the bottom portion consisting of a small piece placed close to it.

Cutting blade

This is a blade found to the far end of the extruder, which plays a vital role in chopping the meat into the required sizes.

Meat tray

Meat tray is the topmost part of the grinder. The grinder consists of an alloy of Aluminum construction material with a feed input on the hopper.


This is a component found closer to the motor of the grinder and placed into the feeding tube. An extruder plays an essential role in pushing the meat in an external direction.

Sausage stuffer

It is an extra accessory on the screw ring and in which the operator links the best sausage stuffer with the meat grinder.


This is a crucial component that plays a significant role in the determination of the sturdiness of the grinder. Many of the home-based grinders come with a motor that supports the power of up to 300-500W.

Grinder plate

Most of the grinder consists of a tiny hole which allows the exit of coarse meat after cut from the cutter blade. The holes are of different sizes, which usually gives output sizes that vary from one another.

Screw blade

This is the outer part of the feeding tube that is very small.

How does a meat grinder work?

Meat grinders are of two types, manual meat grinder and electric meat grinder. The working principle of the grinders differs only in the powering mode of the blades. In the case of an electric grinder, you need to press the button during grinding while for manual grinder, you rotate the arm of the grinder when grinding. So let’s look at the working mechanism of the grinders.

(1) Meat preparation

Do not keep the meat in the open air for an extended period, especially when you are grinding. It is usually advisable to cut the meat into tiny pieces at the same time refrigerate it immediately at the blades of the grinder for about half an hour. It is straightforward to grind semi-frozen beef because it does not stick to the walls of the meat grinder. Besides, semi-frozen meat cannot clog on the grinder’s walls.

(2) Put the meat on the feeding tube

Once you have prepared your meat, it is advisable to clean the surface of the kitchen and ensure that your grinder is very clean before the addition of beef to the feeding tube. Add small pieces of the prepared meat into the feeding tube while grinding them to small batches so that to avoid any danger of clogging the beef to the walls of the grinder.

(3) Spin the blade

The spinning of the blade in the grinder is essential for one to push the meat forward through the plates so that it comes out as required. Additionally, you can obtain finely ground juice meat quickly at this part of the grinder. Besides, you can comfortably add some other attachments in the process of filling the sausage with the meat grinder.

(4) Clean the meat grinder

Once you are through with the grinder, make sure to clean it properly so that you can prevent meat residue from sticking to the walls of the mill. To ensure proper cleaning, you can pass small pieces of bread around the grinder so that to soak up excess meat to clean the grinder easily.

In the case of a manual grinder, you can use soap and warm water to clean it comfortably. The cleaning mechanism of the electric grinder involves the use of the instruction guide provided by the manufacturer. However, for proper care and effective working of the grinder, you should take the following precaution into considerations.

  • Ensure that the grinder is clean

Once you are through with the grinder, ensure to keep it clean by carrying out thorough cleanness. Besides the mill, make sure to use a fresh dish in storing the final product of the ground meat.

  • Keep your hands far away from the blade

While using the grinder, you should avoid touching its blades in whichever way since it is sharp. Therefore, be very keen when cleaning or storing the grinder to prevent any injury when you are using it.

  • Keep the grinder dry

To prevent your grinder from any rusty due to moisture, remember to store it in a very dry place. For a manual grinder, you can spray vegetable oil on it to prevent further rusting.

  • Ensure it is cold

When using the grinder, ensure to keep the temperature cold so that the blades and frozen meat to work better. Usually, cold meat does not get contaminations quickly since the bacteria do not get in easily.

Final Words

From this article, you can agree that meat grinders are simple and easy to use once you understand well its components. Therefore, we hope that you have acquired knowledge on how does a meat grinder work to enable you to grind your meat at home. Get your grinder today, and enjoy your delicious meat all the time.