What to Know About the Grinder Plate When Making Hamburger?

Last Updated on February 27, 2023 by Cynthia A. Rose

Making a scrumptious snack for your friends and families is one of the most fulfilling things to do. You can use a weekend afternoon to make them as part of catching up with your loved ones. It becomes better if you have the right appliance in making that particular snack. In this article, we shall focus on what is needed to make excellent hamburgers for residential or commercial purposes.

We shall highlight the size of the grinder plate required when making them.

What Size Plate Grinds Hamburgers?

When grinding hamburgers, this question should be at the back of your mind, the size of the plate. Although it is easier to walk into a shop and buying readymade hamburgers, it is healthier making them at home. This is because you can custom make them suit your preferences. The burger grinder and hamburger plate differ in sizes. There are those that accommodate small, medium or large burgers. The size of the grinder plate depends on two things; tenderness and the quality of the meat.

Which is the Best Meat Grinder Blade for Hamburger?

After knowing the best size grinder plate for hamburgers, next we find out which is the best blade for the same. If you are researching the best meat grinder for your hamburgers’, you will choose from many options. You cannot exhaust meat grinder blades as there are many outlets that sell them. Lem Big Bite 32 meat grinder is one of the best grinder blades in the world.

Its adjustable grinding hole makes it ideal to use both at home and professionally. It also works well with manual and electric meat grinders thus increasing the efficiency of the grinder.

What is a Good Meat to Grind for Hamburgers?

There are different grinders that can cut cold meat. When sourcing for one, you need to look out for fat, flavor, and texture. Beef is the most popular type of meat when making burgers. The following are the various meat for burgers;

• Brisket- it contains a beefy flavor and high content of fat. It also adds flavor to burger blends.
• Boneless short rib-you will lick your fingers if you add short ribs to your hamburgers.
• Hanger and skirt plate- it is used to make burger patties and fancy burgers with a tangy and tart flavor.
• Round- it is lean and very affordable leaving your burgers leaner.
• Chuck steak- it provides a balanced flavor with an impeccable lean-to-fat ratio. It blends well with other cuts of meat and is commonly used for blending burgers.
• Sirloin- it consists of low-fat content and can be blended with chuck or brisket.
• Pork- it is used to make flavorful burgers. The good news is that it is affordable and can be combined with beef when making burgers. It will leave your family asking for more. However, due to its hardness people rarely use it when making burgers.
• Turkey- when merged with ground beef, it provides fat, proteins, and various minerals and vitamins. It is the best preference for people suffering from heart disease. It is because of its low saturated fat. It is also ideal for those losing weight.
• Chicken- ground chicken can be used to literally make anything including burgers. It is lighter in fat, calories, and taste.
• Venison- it is mostly used in posh restaurants as it is difficult to find it. However, if you find it, the better since it is considered as one of the healthiest types of meat there is.

Is Ground Beef or Ground Chuck Better for Hamburgers?

Chuck is accredited by USDA and is primarily used to cut ground beef. It is the area that borders between the neck and shoulder of an animal. Chuck meat is loaded with connected tissue, fat, muscle, and sinew. When compared to ground meat, it has a higher percentage of fat. They are suitable for shaped food like meatballs and burgers.

Regular ground beef is made from various trimmings. They include different primal cuts, shank, and brisket. Chuck ground meat contains a lot of fat and is too pricey. Using them causes burgers to break apart or become loose when cooking.

When it comes to taste, ground chuck carries the day. This is because of the additional fat content hence it is the finest alternative for burger meat. The burgers will not wither with the fat content in check. The ground chuck offers the best prices when compared with ground beef. It is the most reliable choice when creating your burgers.

How Many Times Should You Grind a Hamburger?

This solely depends on one’s preference. In a grocery store, ground beef is usually crushed twice. There are several things to consider before grinding a hamburger;

Begin by slicing the beef into 1-inch cubes
· Put them inside the freezer for them to chill
· Freeze all the coarse grind
· The freezing enables the meat to retain its shape effectively. This helps in maintaining it firm hence it goes easily via the grinder
· Make sure that the meat is slightly frozen. Inside the grinder, the meat will mush to something known as a smear

If you follow the above procedure to the latter, you can crush your burgers as many times as you wish.

How Much Ground Beef Do I Need for 12 burgers?

Well, this is a good question that has no definite answer. This is rated by the size of the hamburgers you want to make. Most of the burgers have a weight of a quarter pound. Grind three burgers or 12 ounces with 80/20 raw ground beef.

Therefore, to make 12 hamburgers, you will use 4 pounds of raw ground beef.

What Fat Percentage is Best for Burgers?

Surprisingly, fat is as essential as meat in making burgers. Fat contains rich flavors leaving the burgers juicier. Regardless of the kind of meat that you choose to use, 30% of it contains fat content. Over the past, the naming of the lean-to-fat ratio has been fluctuating. Currently, it is viewed as XX%/XX% and the first ratio is lean while the other one is fat.

You can choose from various lean-to-fat ratios. The most popular is 85% lean/ 15% fat, 80% lean/20% fat which is the best choice for burgers. So, the fat percentage for your burgers relies on your taste. If you want tastier and juicy burgers, you will require a higher fat ratio of 80%/ 20%.

The higher the fat content, the juicier your burgers will be. The disclaimer is that with high-fat content, your hamburgers are likely to be greasy. The burgers will dry out faster if you choose a low-fat content of 80%/15%.
For medium-rare burgers, an 80%/20% lean-to-fat ratio will help in retaining your juices thus offering a robust flavor.

An Absolute Meat Grinder Plate Size Chart

A meat grinder plate size chart is as follows;

Grinder size no. Plate diameter Hole diameter Grind category Meat category
#5 2-1/8″ 6mm (1/4″) Coarse Sausages like pepperoni, salami, summer and snack sticks
#8 2-3/8″ 10mm (3/8″) First grind/ coarse Chorizo, linguisa and chili
#8 2-3/8″ 4.5mm (3/16″ Second grind/ coarse Regular sausages, burgers
# 10/12 2-3/4″ 10mm (3/8″) First grind/ coarse Linguisa, chili and chorizo
# 20/22 3-1/4″ 4.5mm (3/16″) Second grind/ coarse Regular sausages, burgers
# 20/22 3-1/4″ 3mm (1/8″) Fine Hot dogs, bologna and burger
# 20/22 3-1/4″ 12mm (1/2″) First grind/ coarse Stewed meats and chili
# 20/22 3-1/4″ 10mm (3/8″) First grind/ coarse Linguisa, chorizo and chili
# 20/22 3-1/4″ 6mm (1/4″) Coarse Sausages like pepperoni, salami, snack sticks and summer
# 32 3-7/8″ 3mm (1/8″) Fine Hot dogs, jerky, bologna and burger
#42 5 1/16″ 4mm Coarse/commercial use Bratwurst, pepperoni, summer sausage, salami

How Do You Edge Your Meat Grinder Plate?

The grinder plates need to be sharpened after use over an interval of time. Apply the sausage maker sharpening solution and get the perfect results. Do the following;

  • For about five minutes, submerge the stones in water. Be gentle when doing it to avoid any damages
  • The pack consists of two plates- the circular stone which stores the grinder plate and the square hole with the knife.
  • Place the stone inside the grinder if you are sharpening the grinder plate only.
  • For just five seconds or so, light up the grinder
  • Repeat the entire procedure to make sure that every side of the grinder plate is edged
    You can also edge your grinder plate with the help of a sharpening stone but it will require elbow grease. But to be on the safe side, use the sausage maker sharpening application.

Conclusion of What to Know About the Grinder Plate When Making Hamburger

With all this information in place, you will be able to make scrumptious burgers for yourself and your loved ones. If you follow these instructions to the latter, you will enjoy great sales in your business. Ensure that the hamburger grinder you want suits your preference before purchasing one. The size plate also matters too when buying one in any appliance outlet near you.