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Sewage grinder pumps are used to remove water, solid wastes, and other small materials from your household appliances like toilets and washing machines to the sewer system.

I recently shifted to my new home. And, heard my father talking over the phone about buying the best sewage grinder pump. I didn’t know much about its applications.

So, I asked my father that, why do we need a grinder pump? Then he said that it is for those houses which are near the sewer line. But nowadays, standard homes are built much higher than the septic system. As a result, gravity can pull the wastewater down from the sewage line.

Quick Comparison:

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Difference between a sewage pump and a grinder pump:

Sewage pump can handle the solid wastes up to a certain extent. These pumps are generally used in the basement toilets to pull up the sewage to the sewer system. They can move high volume raw waste under low pressure within a short distance.

All grinder pumps are sewage pumps. A low volume of waste is better to move over a longer distance and high pressure. These septic pumps include a cutting mechanism and have blades within them. They are used to grind the hard solids and raw waste materials and creates a slurry before discharging.

Sewage pumps are usually less expensive and tend to use less power. But, they might get clogged because of the hard materials and may tear the pump up.

On the other hand, the grinder pump creates a slurry that is easy to pass through pipes and pumps it to a higher elevation. That’s why it draws more power and is expensive.

So, the difference between the sewage pump vs grinder pump is lucid after this explanation.

Review for the best sewage grinder pumps:

If you are having trouble choosing the best sewage grinder pump, let me suggest you some pumps. I’m sure you will choose one for yourself after going through my list.

1. Happybuy sewage pump

It is one of the great pumps among all. My relative used this one long before.

The body of this pump is waterproof and corrosion-proof because of the stainless steel. It has a good flow of water with 6340 gallons per hour. It is very convenient to use.

This pump has a float switch that is made of plastic. It detects the water level inside the tank. And it fluctuates solid wastes along with liquid impurities with high and low viscosities.

The body of the pump is large and heavy and it has a high-quality impeller. Its work is to increase the pressure and velocity of the water and direct it towards the pump. And there is also a stable base that is suitable for the waste materials.

It is a heavy-duty sewage pump that works effortlessly.


  • High-quality stainless-steel body.
  • Convenient portable handle.
  • Thermal protection prevents overheating.
  • Very easy to install.
  • Powerful flow of water that can reach up to 62ft.
  • Rustproof and does not leak.


  • Need to the hose fully connect with the pump.

 2. Superior Pump 92501 1/ 2 HP Cast Iron Submersible Sump Pump

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The pump is made up of cast iron, which pumps out the excess water from your basement and moves away from the house using a discharge line.

This pump has an automatic float switch that works automatically depending on the water level. There is also a power plug by which you can set it as either an automatic or manual pump.

There is an intake screen inside the pump, which filters out the debris and protects it from entering into the impeller. It is removable and easy to clean.

The motor of this sump pump does not make noise when they run. So, you won’t be disturbed by any sound pollution.


  • The shaft seal protects the stainless steel.
  • Very efficient and quiet.
  • The intake screen reduces clogging.
  • Thermally protected.
  • Effective removal of water


  • Electricity Required.

3. Wayne RPP50 Cast Iron Sewage Pump

Effluent sewage pumps are generally used for pumping the grey sewage water along with preferably smaller solids up to 2 inches.

The pump has a cast iron motor that rotates the impeller creating pressure, that pushes the water into the pump and runs in the discharge pipe. It pumps about 6200 gallons of water per hour.

It is the best sewage pump and ideal for installing in the basement or below the main septic line.


  • Heavy-duty, efficient motor.
  • Maximum 15 minutes to install.
  • Affordable and less wasteful.
  • Large sewage basins.


  • Need to strong suction of solid materials.

4. BURCAM 401446P 3/ 4 HP complete sewage grinder pump system

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A sewage grinder pump moves disposal produced in your home to the public sewer system. It is a high-powered pump with sharp blades to shred the solids up to two inches and also has a discharge adapter.

This pump usually runs for some minutes and automatically turns off when emptied the tank.  It has a cast iron body, which includes 24 inches polyethylene basin.

Now you might ask that, what size grinder pump do I need?’  It totally depends on the number members in your house. If there are three persons or less than that, you may need a pump with one or two horsepower. The pump can move more solid materials per minute if the horsepower is greater.


  • The body provides strength and longevity.
  • Do not clog.
  • No batteries are required.
  • The non-corrosive cover protects the lid of the pump.
  • Eliminates solid by new grinding technology.


  • Need to more fluid holding capacity.

5. Liberty pumps PROVORE PRG series automatic residential grinder pump

It is one of the best residential sewage grinder pumps if you are looking for one.  This pump can shred hard and difficult materials like towels, rugs, and other feminine products.

The size of the grinder is small, but it is powerful. It eliminates the waste products out of the pit quickly. This pump is placed inside a tank that provides solid waste holding storage capacity. So, when you use water in the home, the wastewater flows into the tank.

This pump comes with an automatic switch and a powerful single-phase 115V motor. It also has a perfect V- slice cutter technology, which nicely shreds the solid wastes.


  • Very convenient and easy to install.
  • Sharp blades cut the waste materials firmly.
  • Hard iron body and electrically corded.
  • Powerful flow of water.


  • It can hold only 42 gallons of water.

6. Zoeller M267 waste-mate sewage pump

It is an automatic pump that has an integral float switch. So, when the sewage in the tank increases, this switch floats upward. As the wastes reach a certain level, it turns on the sewage pump. Then allows it to pump out of the tank.

Two inches of spherical solid materials can pass through the pump to the main sewer line. It also has a two-inch NPT discharge pipe.

This sewage pump is designed in a way that enables minimal solids to pass without clogging. The motor rotates the impeller when the pump is turned off. Then it creates pressure so the water can reach into the discharge pipe passing through the impeller.

That’s how the Zoeller brand’s best sewage pumps work amazingly.


  • High quality, heavy-duty.
  • Small in size.
  • Powerful and efficient.
  • It can be used for a long time.


  • Need to more storage capacity.

7. Liberty pumps P372LE51 sewage pump system

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This pump disposes solid raw materials along with grey sewage liquid. It moves the wastewater from residential or commercial appliances. They work incredibly, and for this reason, our house stays clean.

This sewage pump has a comparatively big basin than the other ones. The basin sits below the pump. It collects all the waste products before removing them from the discharge pipe.

If it is installed in the basement, then 1/ 2 HP will easily pump up to the main sewer line.


  • Basin and all other features are pre-installed.
  • Venting and discharge are well illustrated.
  • Large pit for sewage.
  • It takes less time to empty the tank.
  • No leakage and no bad smell.


  • The lid needs to be perfect and strong.

 8. BURCAM heavy-duty stainless-steel sewage grinder pump

This is the best sewage grinder pump if you are looking for one. The body of this pump is buildup of cast iron and stainless steel for longevity. It also has a cast iron grinder impeller, which accelerates the liquid onward from the center. And thus, the liquid is being pumped by the energy transferred from the motor.

It grinds all the solid wastes along with the sanitary pads and other feminine products very well. And there is also no clogging and jamming problems. It performs best for residential sewage applications.

The pump is easy to install, and you can even replace it with the old existing sewage pump. It is much powerful as it takes less time to dispose the sewage materials.


  • Solid stainless-steel body.
  • Highly durable construction.
  • It pumps up to 25 feet maximum.
  • Standard power cord.


  •  Need to be Strong & more horsepower.

9. Liberty sewage grinder pump

This pump is generally a waste conveyance device. When the sewage reaches up to a level, then the grinder starts its work. It cuts waste into a slurry substance and pumps it off to the sewer system.

It is essential to have a house with a grinder pump. Nowadays, standard homes are built higher than the septic line. As a result, gravity draws the waste materials from the sewage system and does not contaminate your home.


  • Flexible drives and shaft.
  • Grinds sewage effortlessly.
  • High voltage.


  • The price is a bit higher.

10. BURCAM 401447P 1.0 HP complete grinder pump system

It is a heavy-duty sewage grinder pump. It has a large basin with anti-float collars. There is also a swirling impeller designed with a sharp grinder that cuts out the raw sewage.

This best grinder pumps are mostly used in residential sewage applications. It can eject solids up to 2-inch diameter. Grinder pumps have higher pressure and lower flow. It pumps about 2535 gallons of water per hour.


  • Robust Cast iron body.
  • Automatic float switch.
  • Large pumping capacity.
  • It is easy to install.


  • Need strong longevity power.

Best buyer’s guide to the sewage grinder pump:

There are many things to consider before buying a sewage grinder pump. You must be very worried before getting one as you will be spending a lot of money on it.

Sewage pumps can cause many problems or may contaminate your house if malfunctions. So, before getting yourself a sewage pump, you must look after some below-mentioned features.


Basin is an important factor to check before purchasing. If you get a pump with a small basin, it won’t be able to keep up with the flow of water into it.

Again, if the pump is too powerful and the basin is comparatively small, then it will create a short cycle. As a result, the pump will start and stop frequently, and this might cause premature pump failure.

Blade Material:

The blades of the pump cannot shred the solid waste if it is not sharp. So, the sewage also can’t pass through the grinder pump and it might fail due to excess waste.

You surely can imagine the disaster that might take place if your pump fails. It can overflow or come up through your toilets and sink in your home.

The Motor:

The motor is essential for the pump to run. If you buy a good pump with a bad motor, you might face some problems. They are:

  • Water pressure will fluctuate.
  • The pump will make noise.
  • Sputtering faucets.
  • Very hot or burning water may flow from the shower.

These are the major problems that may occur if the motor is faulty.


The best swage pumps or best residential sewage pumps are much expensive comparing with other ones. So, you have to choose the right pump, which will serve you for a very long time and cause no complications.

Frequently asked questions:

Question: How long does a sewage grinder pump usually last?

Answer: A good pump should last at least 5 to 10 years. However, if the proper installation is being done and routine care is taken, then your pump may work for 20 years or more.

Question: What things do you need to clean the sewage pump?

Answer: You need to drain as much water as possible if the pump starts running. After that, you can start cleaning the pump and for that, you need rubber gloves, a screwdriver, a plastic can and a hose.

Question: Why does the sewage ejector pump smells?

Answer: Gas is released when the pump dries out and it leaks the smell. The smell seems like petrol. It comes from waste materials that contain toxic and nontoxic gases.

Question: Will the grinder pump work if the power goes out?

Answer: If the power goes out the grinder pump will not work because it requires electricity to run. Although the tank also has an extra storage capacity and it should be adequate. But still, try to limit your water usage as long as the power goes out.


To have the best sewage grinder pump or best sewage ejector pump is very necessary at home. It clears all the water waste and other solid materials by shredding and pumping them into the discharge pipe. That sewage ultimately reaches the main sewer line from the pump.

If you get a below-average pump for your home, then you may need to call a plumber very often to fix the sewage pump. So, it is very important to get a good pump with durability.

Hope these sewage grinder pump reviews help you will choose the best one, which will fulfill your demand.